Sunday, May 1, 2011

GTKY Sunday!

It's a ROYAL edition of Get to Know You Sunday!!

1. did you watch the royal wedding
I watched the procession and the beginning, then all the hymns lulled me back asleep..after of course giggling at how no one's mouths really seemed to be moving with the words I was hearing!  Ok, let's be honest, I've been watching anything I happen to catch on the wedding since Friday.
2. tea and crumpets or coffee and a scone?
Ooh, how about coffee and crumpet?  I think crumpet is just an english muffin, I much prefer that to a scone. Gotta love them nooks and crannies right!?

3. who's cuter..prince william or prince harry?
They look so different for brothers don't they?  I'm going with:

4. can you speak in a english accent?
Oh I do wish I could bet-tah but it's not really all that good.  (As a matter of fact, as I answer all these questions, in my mind, I am using an english accent.)

5. do you own a fancy hat?
Oh you mean a fascinator?  I don't.  But perhaps I shall get one in time for Harry's wedding.

6. would you rather live in a castle or an english cottage?
Castles don't seem as homey..more like museums.  Who can relax in a museum?  I choose a cottage, I'm picturing the one in the movie The Holiday.

7. how old were you when prince charles and princess diana got married? were you even born?
I was 3..and crazy enough totally remember watching it on tv. No DVR's back then, we had to watch that live!

8. have you found your prince?

That was a fun one!  Head over to Mannland5 to answer the questions and link up..oh please do because these answers will be fun to read.  In other news, my computer is annoyingly slow today, I don't know what on earth is going on with it...maybe it doesn't recognize my fingers typing with an english accent? 

Happy Sunday!!


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