Saturday, June 25, 2011

The tales of a terrible blogger

I did it again.  Almost said - Oops, I did it again.  But that's a little overused and a little too Britney eh?  Yes is the answer to that question.

I took a month long hiatus from blogger and the reason is threefold.

1- New job -- HOLLA!!  I also started a steady workout plan, finally!  I wake up at 5:30am every morning, head to the gym to swim, and then into my new job.  I used to work just 3 days a week, so to jump to 5 and throw in morning workouts..I've been exhausted!  But happy.  When I swim, and first start out, I think so much about what I'm doing and how I'm hurting.  Then when I reach the break through moment, it's like I just go - I don't think about it and my mind wanders.  I wanted to get to that point in both swimming and the new job before trying to figure out things to write about.

2- Took a trip to Chicago/Indiana.  I went to see the fam in between jobs.  I did not much of anything for a week and it was fabulous!

This picture was taken with my iphone, toy camera app, at the parents house.

3- Is not as fun as 1 and 2.  It's actually quite sad.  We have no air conditioning at home!  It is HOT right now, high 90s, same on the inside of my house.  We put a wall unit in the bedroom to make it bearable to sleep, so I don't much leave that room when I'm home.  The computer is in the hot part of the house, which I haven't braved for blogging sake.

These are the facts, just the facts.

I had a blogging project I thought about taking on.  It will depend on if I can make it work, but I've been thinking - I'd really like to start going out to a restaurant, maybe once a week, then I'll do a post featuring the restaurant and what I ate.  The next post I will try to recreate the recipe at home, maybe making it healthier.  Or just recreating it to the best I can.  I am kind of excited about trying this out, although with the lack of a/c it may have to wait until fall.  But I am excited enough to maybe try it out now.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for sticking with me during that little hiatus...I am going to do my best to be a better blogger from henceforward!

Now!  I'm going to go catch up on all of YOUR blogs!