Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm back!!  I spent a glorious week (2 weeks?) away from the computer.  Funkalicious indeed but you know, the weather and end of the year reflections.  I had such high hopes for twenty ten, and sadly it let me down.  But it's all good!  I believe it was just setting me up so I can appreciate 2011 even better.  And I am ready to appreciate.  Now I have all afternoon to go catch up on my blog reading!

 Let me take you down the path to my dreams..

 A cozy bed in the woods, just because.

 And visions of my future home:

The dream kitchen

 A bedroom with ceilings high as can be!  And white!

 A fabulous closet full of shoes..naturally.

 And the most beautiful pool in the world in my backyard.

 Fun, playful, carefree days..

Body Rocking..

 And world travel.

Most of all..


All photos from we heart it.

Dreaming feels good!  You should try it!


  1. If dreaming goes hand in hand with sleep, I'm down with it! ;)

  2. I love looking at the pictures. You must have creative eyes, Karina.