Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Tablescape

I was just "gently reminded" that I forgot to post pictures of my tablescape that I blogged about a short while ago.  Sorry!  The heat, and blah blah excuses excuses!

I was going with a beach theme, and buying the deocrations from afar, here in Charleston, and the party was in Indiana.  Clearly, I didn't think that one through well enough, because I had to bring all those breakables and bulk on the plane with me.  I've never been much of a bag checker when traveling, but I was forced to because I had to bring 2 bags to carry everything.  I didn't want the bottles to break, so my decorations were carry on and my clothes went to the depths of the plane somewhere...and luckily arrived safely with me in Chicago.

One thing about buying decorations from afar, I didn't realize how big the table was.  It ended up being much much muchier than I imagined, so everything got spread out on the table and it didn't turn out like I thought it would in my head...but it still turned out pretty good I'd say.

I bought a fishing net, sand colored tablecloth, along with some marshall's finds - the blue bottles, near the sea sign and sand dollar.  A little Target representing in the flowers, and then got the sea glass and shells from a craft store.  (I'll have to do an update later on where I got the fishing net and little anchor decorations, because I'm blanking right now!)


  1. That looks lovely! I love the blue bottles!

  2. The tablescape looks really pretty. A great idea for the 4th of july

  3. As I was browsing blogs, I noticed your template has a nice setup. Do you know where you got it from or did you pay for it?

  4. Steve,

    Thanks! I got my blog from the blog fairy.