Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Day Pizza Dip

Yesterday I was quite content with spending the day in my PJ's.  In the morning I found myself lounging on the couch, checking facebook on my phone, when I saw a post from the Pioneer Woman that her show on the Food Network was about to start.  I was watching Modern Family on my dvr so I missed the first half of her show.  Then I went and let my pup out and missed the ending too!  When I came back Ms. Paula Deen was on, making this pizza dip.  I decided at once we needed it for game day, and by we I mean hubs because I'm fasting.  So I threw on some clothes, ran to the Publix, and got all the ingredients.

This smelled soooo good when I was making it, I don't know why I tested my willpower like that.  But rest assured, I WILL be making this for the Superbowl!  I just watched Paula make it and did what I remembered, changed it to hubs tastes too.  Here is the original recipe.

I started out sauteeing turkey sausage crumbles, turkey pepperoni, red and green peppers, and onions.  You can use your favorite pizza toppings, Paula had mushroom and bacon as well to hers.

Then add in 2 blocks of cream cheese.  You should probably soften first so you don't end up with this like me:

Add in a generous sprinkling of Italian seasoning with the cream cheese.

Then throw it in a pam sprayed casserole dish and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  That's it!  So easy.

Paula also made breadsticks from pizza dough which I'm sure would set this over the top, I just toasted some garlic bread and cut it into strips. 


  1. Wao its very delicious Pizza. I will try this

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