Sunday, August 16, 2009

Siestas and Cupcakes

Welcome to my blog! Siestas and Cupcakes... Naming things has never been my strong spot. For the longest time I've been trying to come up with a business name for selling cupcakes. Only now, I'm not even selling cupcakes yet I still can't stop trying to find a name. How come? I don't know, it's like a mission now, and maybe if I come up with a business name magically I will have a business.

I don't make cupcakes very often, although I did have grand plans to start. I bought all the necessary provisions: cookbooks, baking pans, stand mixer, decorating kit, cupcake stand! All the while thinking - it's for my business! I'll be able to write it off! And then... no business, no name. I came up with so many names I'd get excited about, only to google it and find someone else with that name already. "Cupcakery" came to me one night and I was so excited I couldn't sleep! I had to get up immediately and google it, and yep! Right there, a long list of cupcakeries already in existence. Long list.

Anyway.. I have given the cupcake business idea a break for a while as I concentrate on school. But I named the cupcake portion of this ol blog after 1) my fabulous cupcake business that isn't and 2) I mean, who doesn't love a cupcake? A perfectly portioned melt in your mouth, light yet moist, whipped frosting topped with sprinkles cupcake? By the way, yes, I did try "Sprinkles" -- also taken. Frosted? Yeah that too.

As an aside, I did start talking to a coffee shop at my church, Cathedral of Praise, about baking cupcakes. They were very excited to have someone bake from scratch for them, but it all has to be individually wrapped. I have yet to discover how to do that with a cupcake, so I've perfected my bananer bread recipe. And may I say, Yum.

And then of course -- Siestas, another favorite of mine, but a rarity these days. How I love a siesta! People always ask - are you a morning person or a night person? And I say neither, I'm always kinda tired. But if I could siesta every day! I'd be a morning and a night person, Yes! How great that would be. I'm talking mind, body, and soul - complete happiness, at the mercy of just a little nap. When I'm stressed, I take a nap and wake up and revived, somehow in my sleep came up with the solution to a problem or just plain realized I was getting worked up for nothing. Siesta! Also close to Fiesta, both not only fun to say but fun to do!

So there it is, Siestas and Cupcakes, 2 of the most fabulous things on the planet. Thank you for reading my blog. And hey! Don't leave yet! Hello? Reader? Ok I almost forgot! If you have any ideas on a name for me I'd love to hear it! And also once I figure this thing out I will start to add pictures.


  1. OH I totally agree with siestas, they are fabulous. What about Kaloula Cakes? I love your user name. And it rolls off the tongue. When you get your name if you want a logo let me know cause that would be too much fun.

  2. ps. I added you to weekly crunch's blogroll so my 1 reader can read you too ;)

  3. I googled you a few weeks ago and came up with your Twitter account under Kaloula. I thought at the time it would be a great name for your business... sounds like Kathleen had the same idea.

    Gracie loves the fish!