Saturday, August 29, 2009


My aunt introduced me to a fabulous website with the most mouth watering photos you've ever seen, I have to say, I'm a fan. I can't wait to try everything out, from the apple pops to the pancakes to the sugar cookie french fries. Sounds weird I know but you have to check it out! She makes me not only want to go home and bake my fanny off (and grow it back eating it all) but also become a food photographer. I would copy and paste one of the photos here but I don't know what the copyright laws on that are. I don't want to get busted for stealing

So please check out her site, and keep on scrolling till you find the pancakes. And tell me you don't want pancakes after seeing those pancakes, light and fluffy filled with big juicy blueberries, stacked high with a nice dallop of orange maple butter and then torturously scroll down and watch the syrup slowly drip down the pancakes. It's amazing how seeing a picture of pancakes engages all the senses, because by golly I can sure taste them by looking at them, I smell them for sure, and my balance is all thrown off from wanting them. The best part is, the recipe is included, bon apetit!

I started school this past week for fall semester. I'm taking 3 classes: abnormal psychology, medical terminology, and hospitality marketing. My psych professor told us to be careful because as psych students we will start trying to diagnose ourselves as well as everyone around us. Watch out! In hospitality marketing we're meant to do a project, and since I think everyone but me works in the industry, the project is to create a dish or a drink or some kind of special and market it. Since I don't work in the industry maybe I'll come up with a marketing plan for my business that isn't: Kaloula Cakes! We'll see how that goes - I have time and procrastination first.

Here is my question of the day if anyone is reading this: What do you do when you're bored? Right now I am bored, so I'm blogging. Actually I was reading old blogs from Bakerella because I was bored, leading me to blog. I still have 3 hours to kill. The only good thing I can say is I'm not eating.



  1. Yum! And for an adult version of the orange maple butter, substitute Grand Marnier for the OJ. I do this with Grand Marnier french toast, Grand Marnier yams, Grand Marnier strawberries covered in sour cream and brown sugar.... I think you get the picture!

  2. Wow..Grand Marnier - that sounds fabulous! I'll have to try that!