Friday, September 17, 2010

Took a little bloggity break

Situation normal: All fouled up..(edited for tv)

I've come to realize I do not have a healthy way of dealing with stress.  All the "healthy" things recommended to do..exercise, go for a walk, etc..they don't really work for me.  I eat.  I am a completely emotional eater, which sucks.  Why does a piece of chocolate feel good when I'm stressed?  sigh...  Perhaps needless to say I've been going through a hugely stressful time, and I completely realize everyone goes through stress in life so I'm not blog boo-hooing.  Instead, I opt to make a list of things that make me happy.  I'll try to keep food out of it.

There is a bevy of people that make me happy ~ my family, friends...old and new, personal and blogger.  There's nothing like spending time together and laughing till you cry, an email telling me to snap out of it, and for facebook/twitter/blogger friends, just reading status updates/tweets/blogs can make me happy.  I am grateful for all the happy people in my life.  I find you uplifting and thank you for picking me up during times like these.

Water..water makes me extremely happy, whether it be looking at the ocean, watching a fountain, taking a shower, swimming.  I am a water gal!

Barnes and I love thee.  I have a mini version of the Barnes at home, but it's not the same.  Yeah, I have heaps of books still to read at home, but at Barnes, I can grab a huge stack of books, all the latest magazines, get a cup of java and chill.  I can get lost for hours in a Barnes, leave and feel invigorated.

The same goes for a movie theater.  I do my greatest thinking in movie theaters, maybe because you are in a dark room, no phone, no talking, just sit there with a clear mind to watch a movie, and then sitting there with a clear mind, I have inspired ideas.  Maybe it's my form of meditation.  One of my future homes has a home theater in it.

Grande Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte - sometimes it's the little things.

Heck I mean, all things pumpkin make me happy! Ok, I have to add a little food.

And finally, being in shape makes me happy, and then having an ass kicking workout..that is the best.  Knowing you just pushed your body past it's limit, instead of killing you it inspired you, feeling great and pushing harder..  I must get there again.

Sorry for the bloggity break, I will try to get my bloggity butt back in bloggity gear to write on this bloggity blog.


  1. Books and starbucks cheer me up immediately!! I wish I had a B&N closer to my house I'd be there all the time! Welcome back :)

  2. Definitely, a home theater is a must for all the movie lovers out there! Thinking of ideas and putting up your own design for your future home is nice way of dealing out with stress. Hmm. I’m not so much into movies, but I’ll definitely consider setting up a home theater too for my kids.

    -Louisa Hemstreet

  3. Watching movies is my stress reliever! And yes, my future home would have a home theater too, and I’m willing to make it occupy the largest part overall. Anyway, you should not stress yourself out too much. It’s not good for your health. Go out often and have fun!

    -Fernando Severns