Friday, September 4, 2009

Food Blogging

Wow. I didn't start this blog to talk about food but it just happened. Maybe because my life is centered around the next meal! When my family from Chicago came to visit Charleston for the first time, while they were planning the next fun thing to do, I was planning the next place to eat! Why is it all about the food? And how do I stop this madness?

I am now immersed in all the food blogs out there. There are some amazing food blogs out there! I would love to have something similar, not that I want to be a copycat, but, man! Why didn't I think of it first?

It seems the best ones have two things in common - they come up with their own recipes and take amazing photos of the food both in stages and in it's finished form. I do neither come up with my own recipes or take amazing photos. Crap. Let's face it and call it what it is, I'm a thief. I steal blog ideas (like my new layout?), I steal recipes!, I don't take my own photos, I steal them! Guilty as charged, for lack of originality!

As I continue onward with the blogging, I can't deny the prevalence of food on my mind. As a recipe/food photo thief, it's probably best to keep to doing my own reviews on other people's food and recipes. I tried last night to take photos of what I was making, a thai bow tie pasta salad, and the beginnings of an atomic cake, but the photos just didn't look like the ones I admire on the other sites. I plan on learning how to use my camera one of these days.

I'm dipping my big toe into the 30's today, it's my 31st birthday. Yay birthdays! I was making the atomic cake for myself when I was asked to stop because it was ruining other plans. I do have the recipe and it is a fabulous cake, so one day I will post the (stolen) recipe here along with (original) photos!

In the meantime, since I'm not baking, I will need to work on being fit. The holidays are coming up people, get in shape now so you can EAT later!!

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  1. K, most of the great photography is taken with a DSLR where you can control the aperture. When you open it wide, you get a smaller depth of field so that parts of the photo are out of focus. Makes for a more interesting photo. You may want to set up an area next to a window to get natural light. And perhaps even go buy some beautiful sheets of paper or even fabric you can hang behind your food and drape under it so you don't get any kitchen kind of backgrounds.