Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great! Just fabulous.

After all that talk about googling cupcake bakery names, for some reason it never occured to me to google Kaloula -- after all, I just took the first 2/3 letters from my first, middle, and last name and combined them. Surely, that was unique?

Nope, not so, I was informed.

So - I googled.

I was told it was a frog. So then of course the wheels start spinning, smoke from ears and all. I could have a really cute logo, with a cupcake and a cute little frog sitting on it! Oh, how cute! A frog! Somehow I could incorporate a cute little frog..!!

And then I made a startling discovery:

In fact, this is not a cute frog afterall. In fact! The caption under this picture read "Chubby frog" Oh! Dear.

A truly bewildering discovery indeed. Stop laughing at me.

Hahahaha. Well, ok, it is a little funny! Ah, well. I'm sticking with it, and will hope to define my own version of Kaloula.

Not to segway from that, although it is fitting, I went shopping for some new pants today. I've been putting it off and putting it off till finally I realized I'm wearing the same 2 pairs of pants over and over waiting for the others to fit. It was not easy let me tell you, to buy more.

On What Not to Wear, they talk about wearing clothes that fit and people on there have been the same as me, not wanting to go the size up.. And they say to just tear out the tag and you won't see it. I think I need to do that. I can't WAIT to give these to goodwill. Or burn them.

Chubby frog indeed.

My goal is still to lose 20 pounds by the New Year. It's not going to be easy with all the Thanksgiving and Christmas treats, but this chubby frog shopping trip was a great big motivator!

My plan? It's a combination - a little weight watchers, a lil herbalife, and a lot of exercise. And to hang my before picture up as a reminder of how I will never look again!! Perhaps a reason to keep that tag in the pants, as a shock therapy reminder, but alas, I will not.

Ok, well. That's all I got tonight. Cheers!


  1. I'm glad you're keeping Kaloula. At least it's not a poisonous toad!

  2. lol a frog, that's funny :) hope the pant shopping went well.. lord knows i hate shopping for clothes ..