Saturday, October 24, 2009

I need a vacation.

GRE anxiety-ridden + Sick + Busybusybusy = One exhausted Kaloula

GRE anxiety-riddent + Sick + Busybusybusy + One exhausted Kaloula = Fajita Night!

No recipe needed. Go to Sam's Club, pick up premade chicken fajita strips, bag o' guac (doctored with tomato, cilantro, onion, and jalapeno), prepackaged fajita veggie mix, box of rice and beans and there you have it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

GRE: I've been studying, I would like to say studying my booty off, but I just checked and said booty still there.

SICK: AGAIN. ARGH and SNARK. In a semi maybe fully related matter. I believe I pick up these bugs at work. First of all -- if you're sick, please stay home. You may feel you can "tough it out" No my friend. Unless you want the dirty snarky looks from those you are infecting as you sneeze and cough with such reckless abandon as to where your germ friends are freed, namely THE LUNGS AND NASAL PASSAGES OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU. There's no such thing as "Bring your germs to work day" We don't want any. Thank you.

And secondly. (Kaloula says with a smile) Work leaves me impecunious. ($5 GRE word) But I am happy to be employed.

Here's what I currently have pumping through my blood so that I can be focused for studies:

BUSYBUSYBUSY: A word on being busy. I think back to high school, when I would get up at o'dark thirty for swim practice, followed by school all day, and another couple hours of swim practice followed by homework. Add to it (when did I find time for this I don't know!) 3 ! part time jobs, going to an occasional party, volunteer work, church, ample tv watching, reading books for fun, hanging out with friends. When the heck did I find time?! I think as you get older maybe the days actually grow shorter.

I'm having trouble figuring how to fit it all in. Working full time, taking 3 college courses, studying for GRE, volunteering, general home maintanence, spending time with hubby, exercising, going to church, BLOGGING. I wonder if high school me coulda did this? I have no time for the fun stuff, except for 1 much needed date a week. There are some who do all that AND have kids and make me feel like such a slacker. Phew I've got enough on my plate!

The only way for me not to turn into a ball of mush having a giant panic attack, completely overwhelmed, crying in a corner and screaming for mercy is to keep myself centered. If I lose sight of my goals I feel like a hamster on the spinny wheel on the long road to nowhere.

So I try to read a motivating book, just a couple pages before bed to remind me of the bigger vision. Right now I'm switching back and forth between "Believe that You Can" by Jentezen Franklin and "The Trump Card" by Ivanka Trump.

Then I light my all time favorite candle, this is so awesome, and it's from Walmart!

This candle smells sooo good and hello! Pumpkin roll cake recipe on the back of that little card!

Then I go to my happy place. Mentally until I can get there physically.

AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... (That's something between a scream and a sigh)


  1. lol..well then i think you've got enough meds to cover you for LIFE!! jeeez.... i agree keep thinking about THAT last picture!

  2. Here's to hoping that you feel better soon! Fajitas and guac is a great weeknght flavor combination.:-) Thanks for sharing.