Monday, October 5, 2009

What happened to nice?

I see so much anger, greed and selfishness everywhere I go, it makes me ... sad. Whatever happened to nice? Where did common courtesy go? Why has goodwill gone from people's daily lives? I'm just wondering.

When shopping at a Target, I watched as a cafe employee called store security on a family who was helping themselves to a drink refill. (Hello? There's a self serve machine! Why would you limit the amount of soda people pump themselves with but put the machine in the seating area?) That's a person who is angry at the world. They were probably deprived of something in life and decided to make someone else's day just as shitty as their own.

I think people don't realize what they look like. How would the rude employee feel if, after work, they went to a bar to have a drink and unwind, and the bartender is having a personal conversation on the phone and takes 10 minutes to serve her first drink. Would they recognize that they are being treated just as they had treated their own customer? I'm betting not.

Dude. Step out of yourself and look back. See how other people see you. Do you want to be someone who is angry with the world? Focus your anger on what makes you angry, deal with it and move on. Stop spreading it!

Just today, I went to Panera to get a sandwich after work. 5 cars all pulled into the lot at the same time. The last car, whipped into the spot up front and a young girl flew out of her car, quickly walking fast as she could to beat everyone converging towards the door at the same time... in front of the sweet elderly people walking in together. (So cute, helping each other to the door, the type of marriage I hope mine will be at that age)

"C'mon Mah, Let's go get some supper at Panera, ooh they make those delicious sandwiches you like so well!"
"Ok darling, that will save me a night of cooking and no clean up! Splendid!"
"It's chilly dear, get your sweater"
**Drives to the Panera, getting cut off by young girl running inside to be served first! Didn't even hold door for sweet elderly couple**
"Let's not stand between that girl and food, eh?!"
"Poor dear, must be starving, that one"

That's selfish -- take maybe 2 minutes of your life, get your food 2 minutes later, to show some courtesy to sweet elderly people! They are living your future. What is wrong with people!

Michael Jackson said "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change" Ok so I'm working on not glaring at or passing judgement on the stupid selfish idiots of the world. I'm not perfect nor do I claim to be, but I'll tell you one thing. I am looking at myself and trying to make a change. I would like to do something major too but I haven't figured out what that is. I'll let you know when I do!

In the meantime - smile at a stranger, hold the door for the person behind you. Say thank you if the door is held open for you. If someone cuts you off or lets a door close in your face, please stop spreading the rudeness. Be grateful you are not that rude person and keep on spreading cheer. Spirit fingers, yeah! I realized I'm sounding a little hokey but in all seriousness, the world needs less rude idiots and more nice people. Why not start with you?

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