Monday, October 19, 2009

A Canadian Thanksgiving

Last week my family was in town, in between work and school I spent as much time with them as I could. Which quite frankly was exhausting - but nice!

They arrived Monday, which, lucky for all of us, just happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving! So I cooked..

Veggies and Turkey recipes from Food and Wine Magazine

Macaroni and Cheese!!!! YUM!!!
Recipe from Pioneer Woman. Thank you for that!

And the PUMPKIN - well that was just a small bit of fabulousless that I can't wait to make again and again and heed these words, you. MAKE THIS FOR THANKSGIVING!! You won't be sorry! It's soo simple to make, get a 2-3 pound pumpkin, clean out the stringies and seeds, but keep the meat. Is it called meat? I think so. Keep the sides that are squash like.

THEN! Cut up some bread cubes and mix together with some of your favorite cheese and 2 cloves of garlic. Put them in the pumpkin. THEN! Stir nutmeg, salt, and pepper (to taste) into about a cup of heavy cream and pour it over the bread. Stick it in the oven when the turkey has about an hour left to it, bake it until you can pierce the pumpkin with a knife. I wasn't paying much attention to it to be perfectly honest with you, I just let it go ... I think it was about 45 min- 1 hour. Serve it straight from the pumpkin. Num Num Num.

Photos above courtesy Jackie Arthur. And no, we're not Canadian, eh!
The week quite unfortunately was cold and rainy, so we did what any family who sees each other twice a year at best does when it's cold and rainy. We decided to visit a haunted* cemetary.

* allegedly


Not really.

Really - the whole visit centered around FOOD and my Mommala got several not so flattering better not be shared with anyone pictures of moi. Now, I am back to being by my lonesome, me and my faithful treadmill loving pup, Onyx. Who lets me blog but somehow knows when I switch to homework and whines like a weiner when I start. No I didn't get my homework done, no no, I had a whining O punching me like a boxer whenever I started. Yes, I tried. Yes, I know who got kicked out of Project Runway last night. My dog lets me watch that. He dictates what I do. Unless I let him on the treadmill for a go.


I have yet to learn how to photoshop that mess in the background out. But it's not there right now, I swear. Stop looking at my mess and look at my silly dog anyway.

Going to switch to the homework now. GRE in one week, please everyone and anyone, send good luck my way!!


  1. I can attest to the greatness of the Canadian Thanksgiving... all of it, family and food and a treadmill loving dog! (Pictured above right next to my cat Gracie, the closest they'll ever come to each other!) Joel was there too plying us with wine and handling some cleanup, lucky us. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one exhausted though happy from the visit.