Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whine and cheese

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Do you know those gorgeous spring days, when after a whole 2 MONTHS of freezing your patooty off, having to sleep with a blanket in addition to your sheet, and wear a hearty jacket when you leave the house, you one day look outside and the sun is bright and shining in a clear blue sky?

Then you run outside and breathe in the spring air, fresh and clean, air that just can't quite be captured in a candle?  You shed your jacket and feel the sun's light but refreshing rays bathe your face and all of a sudden you are just inspired!

Today is one of those days.  It's 68 degrees, sunny and mild.  Where am I today? 

I am not running in fields of green or playing in meadows of spring lillies.

Nor am I taking an invigorating spring walk over the bridge.

I'm not throwing the tennis ball to my pup or cleaning the yard.

I'm not opening all the windows in the house to let the fresh air sweep out the stale heat's-been-on air.

Nay, I am sitting in a windowless hole that is work.  When I leave, the sun will have already said it's good night, taking with it the warmth and refreshing glow it bestowed upon all the lucky folks who are currently enjoying a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper on their porches deciding what to make of this beautiful day.

(Cue the violin playing a sad sad tune)

But don't you feel sad for me?

I do enjoy a nice fresh ball of mozzarella, or why not some podolico cheese to accompany my WHINE.

And a little sympathy wouldn't hurt. 

Tomorrow I'm off and guess what?


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