Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vacation awaits

I've been a little slack with the postings lately.  My brain is tapped out and fried after this past semester at school coupled with working full time.  I know, 'scuses, 'scuses!  How bout this for a scrambled brain, I just typed out a whole paragraph right here and highlighted it, so as to center it, instead of hitting center I hit delete!!  Somebody needs a vaca---tion!  I can't even remember what I wrote, but I assure you it was brilliant.

Good thing I am headed here:

Where I can't wait to eat:


Y'all just don't understand the Chicago hot dog till you experience it.  I didn't know, didn't quite fully comprehend the magic that is the Chicago dog, until it was missing and I was a deprived weinerless gal.  You know what they do?  For starters, they steam their buns.  I think we could all do with a good bun steaming, keeps them fresh.  Next time you have dogs at home, boil an inch of water and steam them buns!

You will thank me later.  Promise.

Such a simple thing makes such a huge difference!  They also use celery salt, try that on your dogs too.

By the way, I will not be saying Y'all when I land.  I immediately transform back to a Chicagoan.




I also plan on relaxing here:

And catching up on some:

And of course some:

So I'm taking a little blogcation, I'll see you back here in a while, if not sooner.  If nothing else, I like to be clear.

I'll be back soon with some witty brilliant posts and temptuous tasty recipes.

Is temptuous a word?  Whatever. 

Cheers to a happy week to all!



    Have a great and relaxing time!

  2. I am DYING to go to Chicago...and it's mainly for the food. Have a blast!

  3. Never been to Chicago, but it looks like I could eat my way through it. Have a great vacation and hurry back!