Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just got back from Cleveland and had an AMAZING time.  Who knew, Cleveland?  The people were midwestern friendly but also midwestern trait I can't quite describe, but reminded me of home in Chicago..sorta like the sports guys, Da! Bearssss. Only Cleveland syle.  I'm saying, I liked Cleveland. 
A lot. 

You know the first thing I did when we drove into the city?  I had to download "Cleveland Rocks" from itunes and pretend I was Drew Carey.  Yes I did.

Then I talked to my hubs and one of the first things he asked me is if I ran down the street singing "Cleveland Rocks"  Before I even told him I downloaded it.  It's like we're soul mates or something.

The real reason I went was for a business conference.  It was so spectacular I can't even describe it well enough to do it justice.  A business meeting!  In Cleveland!  Who'da thunk it?

The keynote speaker was Andy Andrews.  The man made me happy.  Made me think and get motivated and ready to conquer the world.  Please for the love of all that's good and glorious in the world, go out and read his book "The Traveler's Gift."  Best book I've ever read.

Read it..tell me what you think! 

He tried to get the book published and was turned down 52 times.  In his speech he talked about it, and said at first he had crazy voices in his head:

Maybe this is God's way of saying this isn't for you!

And then he screamed out NO!  and ran across the stage and said

If He puts a dream in your heart, it's up to YOU to overcome obstacles and make it work!

And then he ran out into the audience and back up on stage and back down.  He was very animated. Can you imagine such a thing?  Getting knocked down 52 times and keeping at it and keeping at it.  And keeping at it and keeping at it.  People have a threshold and it seems like sometimes people get up the gumption to try something,something that will change their lives for the better, get shot down and quit.  But 52 times of getting shot down and getting back up, and the result?  A best seller. 

Incredible.  Inspiring! 

Here's the thing.  The man got through to me like nothing ever has before.  The book, the opened my mind and made me believe, gave me faith, ME

You've got to read his book!

I came back to the reality of my day job and it's a drastic difference..after being around such positivity all weekend and coming back and it's almost like sitting under a rain cloud.  Only the rain cloud is above everyone else, the sun is shining on me.  Cheesy indeed but true!

I just realized, I don't have to be average, I don't have to accept mediocrity.  I had a wall built all around me and I couldn't even see over it.  In every little aspect of, job, weight, relationships.  And one weekend karate chopped hi-ya! my way right out of it.

The world better watch out is all I'm saying.


  1. I ordered it today and can't wait for it to arrive! Yes, sometimes you got to keep at it and keep at it and keep at it for as long as it takes you to get to where you want to be. No one ever said success was easy! The best things in life are those worth WORKING for! Gotta give it some elbow grease :-)

  2. Hah! Glad you loved Cleveland, its where I'm from even though I live in Chicago now, it still holds a special place in my heart (and I'm here right now for a wedding). I hear you on the midwest vibe thing, which is why I like living in Chicago so much :)

  3. Thank you so much for the book suggestion.
    Probably going to definitely get it now; I love books and have been dying for something good to read. The author sounds unbelievable and I would've loved to see him!