Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stand By..

I've been having some technical issues the past 2 weeks.  And by technical issues I mean life and it's problems, specifically speaking.  I'm not wallowing, screaming at strangers, or eating buckets of ice cream.  The potential is there mind you, but I will overcome!  After all, life happens to everyone, no?  What it has done is suck my creative juices right straight out of my skull.

And therefore I have not been a blogging fool lately.

Bare with me good people.  I shall return very soon.  In chipper spirits.  Or at least not downtrodden.

Jus' hang loose blooood. She goonna catch up on the`rebound a de medcide.

What it is big mamma, my mamma didn't raise no dummy, I dug her rap.

Cut me som' slac' jak! Chump don wan no help, chump don git no help. Jive ass dude don got no brains anyhow.


  1. I know the feeling with techinical issues. I had some of my own recently. I'm still here when you come back :-)

  2. I hope you're doing ok lady. Hang in there and have some cupcakes!

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