Saturday, June 19, 2010


Life has been rather random lately and I've had trouble composing my thoughts.  Sometimes I wish I was a meditator because then I would have balance and serenity.  I mean, I'm sure I could discipline myself to meditate but who has time for discipline these days, I wonder to myself sometimes.

Doesn't that look lovely?  I want to sit on some rocks on a beach at sunset and zen out.  But the beach is, you know, like a whole 30 minute drive from my house.  And there's things to do at my house.  But maybe I ought to make more time for sitting indian style and ommmmm ommmmmmmmmmmmmm ommm on the beach at sunset. 

Is it PC these days to say "indian style" ??  I haven't said it since kindergarten.

Oh snark.  I just had a disturbing thought while looking at that photo. 

At first I was thinking, you know, answering myself..

"(Self), that really is lovely.  I could really get used to such a thing.  I wish I lived on the beach and could walk out my door and be right there.  And look there's no people.  I wonder if I could put in some kind of order, please, no annoying people on the beach when I'm trying to meditate.  I mean no people at all would be nice but how do you find such a beach where no one at all goes?  So I'll just order beach time, no annoying people, yeah.  That really is pleasant.  Nice sunset..Wait a tic.."

"What if it's not sunset?  What if it's...gasp...sunrise?"

Oh no.  No no.  I'm not quite so sure about this meditation business.  I have to rise before the sun? 

Here's the thing.  If the sun is not ready to be up, I'm not ready to be up.  I know sometimes it can be really peaceful, being up and out in the world while most people are snuggled in their beds.  But if I'm going to wake that early,  I know for quite certain that around 2pm I will being taking a nap.

Check out this photo.  Again, sunrise?  or sunset?  I really need to know this.  And furthermore, is that a real person and if so how long have they been on that rock?  Are their legs wet because it appears they had to walk in a bit of water to get to it.  And the water around it is nice and calm so they must have been there for a while.  But it does look peaceful.

I need more info on this meditation.  Maybe one day, when I'm off, I will rise before the sun, haul my happy hiney to the beach, find a rock, sit said happy hiney on it and practice.

Only I hope there's no annoying people there.


  1. I would not be able to sit on that rock and meditate because I'd be too afraid I would fall asleep and fall into the lake!

  2. Hmmm, I'm thinking it's sunrise! I know what you mean about life being so "random" lately, I think I need to join you on that meditating rock!!