Monday, March 28, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice

Are you watching this season of The Celebrity Apprentice?

I've always been intrigued at how people's minds work in a business environment, especially successful people, so I have been a fan of this show since the first season.

They've had several Celebrity seasons now, and it really seems like the producers make sure to have at least one *ahem* "creative" person, one who's mind doesn't have direct focus like the rest, instead they are brilliant in their own willy nilly unfocused way.  It really makes you wonder what these people are like to work with when their every move isn't being filmed.  First Cyndi Lauper:

Then Bret Michaels:

And now this season the cray cray that is Gary Busey:

It's good entertaining television to watch other celebrities reign in the haphazard craziness of these people!  And I think that's why they don't get fired until well into the season: ratings.

Last night's show, I'm sorry to say I'm happy that ACN was the task to bring down Dionne Warwick.  I did not care for her at all, she seemed so condescending and bossy to the other contestants.  And while I'm not a huge fan of Star Jones, she was right, they are there for charity and should stop throwing in the towel.

And now, if I may, a little self promotion.

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