Friday, March 4, 2011


One of my favorite books ever is the Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews, so I was super excited to learn the follow up to that book, Final Summit, is coming out soon.  Check out this link for his blog and a little about the book.  It was on that link that I discovered I could get an advance copy, as a blogger, on  Buuuut when I went there they no longer had his book available.  My disappointment only lasted a minute though, because I looked around and discovered that bloggers could get FREE books if you promise to review it on your blog.

I mean FREE?  My favorite 4 letter F word!

I immediately signed up and after looking through what was available chose the book "Reggie - You Can't Change Your Past but You Can Change Your Future"  I am all about reading people's stories, especially those who are self made and successful. 


I haven't gotten it yet but review coming soon!  And check out BookSneeze to get your free books too.

I was about to end post there but then got to wonderin, what in the world, why "sneeze"  Booksneeze..your free book full of boogars..eew.  My favorite trick, started all the way back in high school, and yes I do know it's juvenile and I should have outgrown it, but goodness do I think it's funny!  Sprinkle a little water in your hands, and then fake a sneeze when someone has their back to you, and fling the water in your fingers on the back of that person's neck while you AHHHH CHooooooooo!  Gosh are people's reactions funny.  One time I was crammed into a van full of strangers on the way to a hotel, I had a bottle of water in my hands and everyone was stiffly quiet.  Perfect, I thought.  I did it to the man in front of me...he didn't even flinch!  I  That's a polite man right there.  I, at the very least, would have cringed and shuddered.  Then I waited a minute and told him what I did and everyone started cracking up..see there, it's an ice breaker too, bringing strangers together.

Try it..booksneeze and fake sneezes.  Barrels of fun.

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  1. Oooh, the booksneeze page sounds great! Maybe I could use it also for our book club!