Sunday, March 6, 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

For Christmas I found the best gift to give the hubs: tickets to the Daytona 200.  He only recently got into bikes but mannnnn if he didn't get addicted fast.  I was very excited to come up with such a brilliant gift and I couldn't wait to give it to him, and titled the gift: "Operation make hubs piss himself with glee."  Just before Christmas someone mentioned Daytona bike week and goodness gracious, I had not the slightest idea the Daytona 200 was during Daytona bike week!  Duh!

I am terrified to get on a bike...won't do it!  One time I told hubs I would, then my insides started shaking and I wanted to vomit and ended up backing out.  He doesn't have a Harley or the like, he has a sport bike, a crotch rocket.  You have to lean all the way over to turn.  Oh no.  Pretty much it looks like your knee is scraping pavement when you turn.  I was ready to watch the race but not at all ready to hop on the back of a bike!

Now of course, since the week is dedicated to bikes, hub of course needs to ride his bike while we're there.  Which means...we have to drive separate.  I really don't see myself sucking it up and jumping on.

And next point of contention.  Girls strutting around in bikinis, short shorts, bikini contests, and they certainly aren't afraid of getting on a bike.  My body is FAR from bikini ready, no shorts yet either.  I will be as self conscious as a ...(FAIL.  couldn't come up with an adequate phrase to describe just how self conscious I will be.  A whore in church was what I was gonna write, but that phrase is sweat like a whore in church!)  OMG I may lose my husband to bike week!  What have I done?!?! 

Tomorrow, although it's too little too late, I am looking at the big picture though..I will finally be starting the Tracy Anderson Method, a 30 day bootcamp.  If I had started when I planned on it, I would be in my last week right now.  Buuut I was sick forever, the Charleston Crud is what I had, for just about the whole month of February.  Now I'm back in health and ready to kick some butt.  What will happen in a week?  Not much but that's ok..gotta start somewhere right?  I am really excited and motivated, and for SURE I will be motivated after this weekend too.

I mentioned a couple posts ago about finding a diet to go with the boot camp.  Then I realized how much it all costs, and why spend money I don't have when along with loosening the pants I also want to tighten the purse strings.  The Tracy Anderson Method (TAM) comes with a cleanse, one that you do your shopping and cooking.  Why mess with the method?  I am excited about it and will blog my progress!


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  2. You've found a great present for your hubby, but don't worry about the not jumping on the bike riding, I'm sure you'll manage to have a great time together even if you don't feel too comfortable around the whole spectacle.

    And I'm sure the bootcamp will be great!