Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crossing another thing off the ol' bucket list

Sometimes in life I get extremely down about having not accomplished much.  Several years ago, probably brought about by the Bucket List movie, I created a list of 100 things to do before I die.  I never made it to 100 but I figure I can add on later.  I've already done a couple things, like competing in a triathlon, getting married, buying a house...and this past week I scratched one more thing off the list.  Something I thought would be difficult to accomplish: being an extra, either in a film or tv show.  Here's the (pre)story!

Several months ago I saw on the news that a tv show filmed locally was looking for extras, and they gave a website to sign up.  I signed up and promptly forgot about it.  Then about a month ago I got an email, they were filming a ball scene and needed extras, would I be interested and available?  Well, yes I would, thankyouverymuch!  I responded immediately and the next step was to go to casting with any ball gowns I may already have.  I had none.  But also, a little self conscious about my size, went to Marshall's and picked one up just so I wouldn't have to tell them my size.  (Ok, a lot self conscious)

When the day came, I brought my dress in and noticed racks of other dresses.  They asked my name, dress size, and shoe size and wrote them on a dry erase board..I told them I was a size down from what I am.  Like I said, I was reeeaaally hoping not to have to say it.  Then my fib came tumbling down when she said "Great, pick a dressing room and I'm going to pull some more dresses for you to try on."  Crapola.

Luckily, formal dresses run small, so she grabbed a few that were my actual size.  But still, I probably could have even used a size up from that.  But...embarrassing.  The first dress I tried on fit me, thankfully, and I came out of the dressing room to their critical eyes looking ever so thoughtfully at the dress.  I was self conscious as hell!  Then they styled me up with matching shoes and jewelry, then took the dreaded dry erase board announcing my name and size and had me hold it up so they could take a picture of me in the dress.

The next dress I tried on didn't fit at all, and ultimately ended up trying on my own dress for was the only other one that fit.  Same sequence, ending with me holding up the blasted board and having my picture taken.  They really seemed to like the first one better, but told me I wouldn't know which I'd be wearing and to bring everything the day of shooting.  Then I collected my dignity from the dressing room floor and went on my merry way.

The day before shooting I got an email telling me what time it would be and where to go.  In the week leading up to the big day...I was stressed.  Not just about this, but lots of life stresses.  And when life stresses...I break out.  Here I am the day before, praying my teenage pimples would magically disappear and doing everything I can to help the process along.  I mean, I even put on the toothpaste to try that old trick.  I really gave a serious thought to not can I go possibly show my face on tv feeling chunky and with teenage skin???  But, then I remembered my list and I may never get this chance again, so I told myself....just do it.  I also ran out to the mall and picked up some spanx.

Finally, the big day arrived.  Pimples?  Loud and proud right there on my chin for all to see.  Anxiety level?  Surprisingly low.  I had more anxiety about doing the triathlon.  I mean, I knew being an extra was no big thang, "it's not about me" and all about the actors themselves.. Here goes nothing!

More about the big day in my next post!!

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  1. I've never made a list, but I'm glad to hear you are working along it even if it's slowly but surely!