Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smart cars make me giggle

You too?

Maybe it's because it reminds me of Mr. Bean, and not just Mr. Bean, who makes me laugh hysterically. But also remembering the first time I showed it to Pops, who wheezed and cried from laughing just as hard as I did. What a ridiculous man, that Mr. Bean is.

Pops too sometimes.

Here's the story. Yesterday I arose sleepily around 9am, and I coulda slept a whole lot longer but sleeping past 9 just doesn't feel right in the land of moral goodness. Dang it all morals. So, here I am - up, sleepy, 9 am, stumbling downstairs to let the dog out. When I take a real stumble, I mean, graceful. My foot slid down the side of the step and somehow something told me not to try to catch myself because I would make it worse, how weird an angle it was already. Besides, no one was around to see me, and O was taking a duex in the very back of the yard.

So, on my dupa I crashed. Eh, not bad, I thought to myself. Ungraceful, but, I think, I think I'm ok? Next thing I know O sees me on my dupa and comes charging. YAY! Momma's on the floor, it's time to PLAY!! In he comes and crashes me out of my dazed stupor with a million puppy kisses to the face. Ew.

To sum up, I spent all day yesterday on the couch with my foot elevated and iced. Today I visited the doctor and learned I sprained my foot. The worst part? First, the house arrangement. Kitchen/food/drinks downstairs, everything else, including bathrooms, upstairs. My foot isn't wanting me to do stairs at the moment so I have to make a crucial decision, be near the kitchen or near the bathroom? Decisions decisions. My husband was home to help me out, let me ask you - would you rather have your hubby help you with food or with bathroom duties? Um. Luckily, I have a super duper husband who brought me food all day.

Good news! Julie and Julia came out today! Of course I bought it, that's what made me want to blog in the first place. It just so turned out that I had to get a prescription for my foot, and my pharmacy just happens to be at Target.

Super duper hubby dropped me at the door of Target to get a head start to the pharmacy while he went and parked. As I hobbled in, this sweet old man was hobbling in right behind me. Aw. Sweet. Anyway, he called out to me --

"M'am? You ought to get in one of these electric scooters!"

"No, no," I smile real big to stop myself from laughing at the ridiculousness of the thought. "I'll manage. Thank you!"

And so off I hobble, and barely made it to the first aisle past the registers, hubby already caught up. Nevermind how slow I was going, I just couldn't wait to laugh with him over being told I need to be in an electric cart!

As he walks up to me I start to open my mouth to tell him but he speaks first.

"Why didn't you get in a motorized cart?"

I'm not quite sure but I think my mouth may have fallen open at this point. Really? Haha, right. Do you think I should? (I am, afterall, very indecisive) Nah, and off I hobble on to the pharmacy. Finally I get there, turn, and hubby is not right there, alas, I see him aaaaaall the way down the back row there, coming at me at a whopping 1 mph, in a motorized cart. I did a bit of a laugh, like a Mr. Bean type laugh, and then he got up to me and jumped out before I could get a good picture. Dang. That woulda been a keeper.

So, prescription is not ready and I start thinking to Julie and Julia on the other side of the store. Right-o then scooter time, yeeeah! I get to the back of the store, peering down aisles as though doing a drive by. Kind of like a Disney ride, you know, real slow so you can check everything out? And who do I see? The man who told me to get in the cart in the first place.

So, I give him a "I gave in, you were right" kinda smile and shrug, keeping on. Next thing I know, he's scooting on by me (He did get there first and grabbed the "fast" cart - I'm convinced!) and challenges me to a race!

Well that there just made my day. As he left me in his dust, he called back, "Merry Christmas!" And it just made me smile.

Then I got my movie and life was good.

How bout them smart cars? LOL. Man, do they make me giggle. Endlessly. They're like the size of a recliner. Like someone sat on a recliner and they put some walls and a floor and ceiling around them, attached some wheels.... SMART.

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  1. Love that you can make a trip to Target fun and entertaining for us! How's the foot now? My friend Pat has a Smart car and loves driving it except when it's very windy.