Friday, December 25, 2009

A very Merry!

A very Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

I have not been blogging very much lately, I think after the semester ended I shut down completely. I hardly come on the computer at all, and I don't miss it one bit. I would like to report I've done nothing but relax but I've still been crazy busy, trying to get my grad school application in before it's rapidly approaching deadline.

BUT I have done a little relaxing.. I've been wanting and trying to get into a good book. I have stacks and stacks to read thanks to Mommala. I have about 5 started, then I found myself away from home one day, bored, so I picked up a paperback to pass the time. And wouldn'tcha knowit, that's the one I've been immersed in, "The Lovely Bones" I'm actually really enjoying it, and just about when I finish, the movie will be out!

Speaking of movies, there are soo many I want to see right now, I need to go to the theater every day for a week to see them all. My macho motorcycle man does not care for the chick flicks, so I will have to see most of them by meself. To celebrate getting all A's last semester (thankyouverymuch)we were going to see a movie. (I know- ca-razy celebrating right?) I really really want to see Did you hear about the Morgans, because those trailors crack me right up. (I love the part when they tell the Morgans they are going to Ray, Wyoming and Hugh asks if that's anywhere near Phil, Wyoming. Just about bust a gut at that) Anyodel, what did we see? 2012. Which was good, despite being almost 3 hours!

How bout this post, eh!?

Not very Christmasy, but I have to work. In protest of having to work, I am wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. The first reaction I got was great, just what I wanted. I was walking down the hall and someone smiled at me and said Merry Christmas, looking at my face. As I returned the sentiment, she looked down to the sweater and smile faltered, almost into a look of surprise, amazement, dismay, and bewildermint all in one fleeting moment before returning to my face and a sorta sympathetic smile in it's place. All of this took place in less than 5 seconds. HAHA!! This is great! It's just a little way I keep myself amused these days. Other people don't know quite what to make of it, I get some "NICE! SWEATER!"'s and some whose eyes betray their stoic faces, telling me they are laughing on the inside.

I will post a picture soon, very soon. :)

Hope everyone has a blessed, happy, safe, and merry Christmas!

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