Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something looks different..?

A makeover bab-ay yeeeehahhh!!

I loooooooooove my new design so much I thought I would tell you about my day. I know you are dying to hear about it anyway, so wait no more!

Last night making my pot of yumminess for dinner was the only study break I took, so while I cooked I listened to the news. Aside from, you know, good ol cheating Tiger, the only thing I caught was 100% chance of rain tomorrow, leave for work early. Ok! I must go to bed so I can leave 10 minutes early! ~End Tuesday~


5:05am - alarm goes off. Normally, I smash that durn snooze button like nobody's business. This morning my fist was centimeters from crashing down when I heard the ratatatat of the rain outside. Then the thump thump thump of the dog's tail. Boy, does he love mornings! (Says Kaloula with a grumble, but you know this) And thus begins my day.

It was business as usual getting ready. I usually leave by 6:10, today I put a little extra jaroobalooba in my step to be ready by 6:00 ~ Which comes very quickly but I am ready! But wait, where's my Id? Where's my umbrella, I have to walk 1/2 mile when I get there, and downtown FLOODS. I tear through the house like the animal, a big flurry tornado whizzing from room to room. No id, no umbrella, and guess what, it's 6:10.

After a harrowing drive to work, I waited about 20 minutes more to drive thru a foot of water to the parking garage. Brilliant. Wouldntcha knowit, voila! I find both my id and umbrella, in the car, while I waited. Anyhoosit, my story has grown tiresome to me. Long story short, by the time I got into work, late, I may have well have jumped in the ocean, I was that soaked. But you know what, by the end, the final street to cross into work had the deepest river of them all, half way up my shins, and I just had to laugh and splash through, because. Just because, what else are you going to do? By the way, if any of y'all want to give a girl some rain boots for Christmas, :) or if you know Santa please put in word for me. Size 9.5. Word.

Back to work
~~~I get inside, check my email, and see THIS bit of fabulous gloriousness of a makeover and life was GOOD. It's the little things afterall. ~~~

So then I went about my day! And then it was time to go home, reverse all the previous anxiety ridden commute. Why do people drive like morons in the rain? Just wonderin. You know? Because THEY DO. Not just, not slowing down or allowing a little extra space, but morons! I got cut off just as I was coming to a red light, which sucks you know because you've already judged the distance between you and the car in front of you, so you know precisely what speed and braking distance to go, next thing you know, some idiot cuts in, and you have to slam on the brakes, and all the crap in the car goes flying forward. To which, I think hard about what friendly gesture to bestow on this foolio, and settle on a little toot of the ol horn.

Now, the horn. A few words about the horn. I think the purpose of a horn is to prevent accidents right? But I pay attention to horn blowers, and it seems to be mostly women who use it. And usually directed at a man. Ever notice? Pay attention! I think it's a form of passive aggression. They want to yell, they want to be heard! There's no accident about to happen, but they want to let the men know, hey you. You really made me mad just now. Women, they plan ahead. They get in the proper lane, with plenty of time. I have to turn right in 2.2 miles, let me get over. Men, they like to get to the .15 miles away from their right turn, to get in front of as many people as possible, then swerve over, cutting off the women. Who lay on that horn, hey mister. I've been in this lane for 2.2 miles, and I'll be darned if you get in front of me.

Because of this observation, I try to refrain from using the horn unless I am about to be in an accident.

Today? Was a little of both. The **ahem** man who cut me off, I honked my horn because it's wet out and I almost slid into his trunk, but probably not. More likely, I was just thinking he was an idiot for not being in the correct lane, right before wanting to make a turn.

This isn't always true mind you. Just mostly what I notice. If you're from New York, they honk for entirely different reasons altogher.

They honk for entirely different reasons altogether. (Airplane reference)


Thank you to the blog fairy!

This blog was a little Seinfeldian, about nothing. But nevertheless, my new blog needed a new posting!! I have 1 week left of school then I'll get back to the cooking! And I'm **hoping** for a new camera from Santa so that I can start taking some beautimous photos to also post. Until then, wish me luck on finals and do you like my new blog!? Holla!