Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brazilian booty

Today I went to Target and I did NOT rearrange the store!! How bout that, Target can take my picture off their breakroom wall, Look out for this girl, "Store Rearranger"

Now why didn't I think to make a new year's resolution about staying away from Target?

flickr photo from S.Britt

Ah well. Too late now. Looks like another year of Target for me!

It is now Twenty Ten day Six! The cleanse is still going along.. I still don't think I'm doing it perfectly because I don't know what all contains gluten, but I can say I've been eating really well.

Take today at Target, for example, I usually check out and pine after the cafe popcorn or a kid's hot dog. I didn't even think about it! The caffeine headaches have gone away. I have had certain cravings at different times of the day when I suppose previously I ate absent-mindedly. Like, after lunch and dinner I want a little something something sweet. Or right before lunch and dinner I want bread. The caffeine, alcohol, and meat have been no problem to give up (I can say now that the headaches are gone) but I'm still struggling with those sweet and bread cravings!

The other day I made Smitten Kitchen's
mushroom marsala pasta with artichokes
It was very very tasty, although I didn't take any pictures. I used whole wheat pasta and fat free half and half, which maybe weren't cleanse friendly but certainly not horrible. For me, this cleanse is about switching my bad habits to good, for that, I am succeeding.

Also, I faced the ugly and got on the scale. Of course I am horrified by what it told me, but it wasn't higher than I anticipated. Baby steps! I was recently in front of a full length mirror at work and realized, oh holy crap! I must not have one of these mirrors at home - this is what I look like?! Can this be?! Maybe if I had such a mirror I would not have gotten this way.

Now that I'm nearly done with one week of eating healthy, it's time to add in the exercise. A lot of my weight went straight to the booty, so I want to work on that the most. I'll be doing cardio, 45 min of walk/running on the treadmill 5 days a week, and THIS!!

Haha! I will soon have a Brazilian booty, watch out now! The funny thing is, I haven't seen an infomercial for this yet, I think it just came out around Christmas, but there is a "pencil test." They actually sent a pencil with the program that says pencil test on it. You're meant to put the pencil under your butt, if it sticks, it's not a good thing. You're not supposed to be able to grab a pencil with your butt, who knew??

I've seen other weight loss blogs and they chart their progress week by week, what they lost. I'd really like to do that but still haven't come to terms with the "number" so while maybe one day I'll work the nerve up to do that, it's not today friends.

Tonight I am making Tuscan Vegetable soup, I'll post recipe and picture later!

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