Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where's my Beachbody?

So many times this week I've had a blog posting in my head, but never made my way to the computer. tsktsk.

Change ain't easy ya know? I mean, change for the better. Change to the lazy, that's always been easy. Like, if I'm eating really well and happen to stumble upon a delightful looking stack of pancakes..

Darn it all they call my name. They mock me. They belittle my existence and call me a sissy and enter my nasal passages and won't let go until I cry mercy.

And change has come painfully easily.

But man! To change for the better? You have to let it consume you completely. Live it breathe it do it dream it. It's exhausting! You have to think, which would I prefer:

Delicious stack of melt in your mouth, sweet goodness that is chocolate chip cookies with cute wee m&m's in them. OR:

Frolicking on the beach in a cheeky bikini!!

Sigh. I still wish I could have both. Alas it is not so, and bikini season is t-minus 5 months and counting.. too darn close for a gal with a good chunka rump to lose.

Continuing my resolution to finish what I start, I have now started P90X. Today was day 2. Day 1 was chest/back and Day 2 was plyometrics. I admit, my form sucks and I can't do the whole thing start to finish nonstop, but I'm giving it all I got. Oh yeah, it's already been broughten.


  1. I've heard P90 X was tough, but good.

    Stick with it and I will too, okay?

  2. You got it Lorie! I'm determined, I know you are too. :)

  3. That girl in the bikini is STARVING...LOL Pay no mind to her! You just need to be healthy, we don't need to look like models :-)

  4. True...but I do want her Brazil Butt!