Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cleanse Day 21!

Woohoo, warriors! I made it!

I gotta say, whew, man. That was a tough one, I almost didn't make it. The first week was rough, real rough ya hear? My head was pounding out of control, screaming Dear Lord, let me have a cuppa coffee! PLEASE! But I battled forth and it got so much easier!

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Week 2 was also rough, because of outside stresses and the battle of emotional eating. I slipped a little, but not too bad. The worst I had was a tuna sandwich from subway, with apples and a diet coke. A wee bit of forbidden caffeine, but then I was back on track. The Rosti casserole was AWESOME, one of the best things I've made recently, but proooobably not the best for me. But altogether not bad either.

Week 3 has had some of it's own complications. It just happens to be "that time" when cravings get out of control. Yesterday I was dying for a cup of coffee and a big plate of mac n cheese, with a piece of chocolate. Pure comfort food, give it to me and give it to me now. :) I'm happy to report, I resisted, hard as it was.

I keep remembering this saying, which has been popping up all over the place good ol Albert Einstein - "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results" It's really kept me going.

So now, I've just done a 21 day cleanse, what will I do next? Nope, not going to Disney World, but that would be nice. Hubby and I are talking about starting P90X. I'm a little nervous, about doing it together, because he is so hardcore but I think it will go well. I'm trying my darndest to keep my resolution to finish what I start. So if we are to do P90X, we're in, 90 days, full on. 90 days is a much longer commitment than 21!! I'm not going to lie, I'm scared to take this on (Why, I don't know?) But I'm ready, it's very necessary, and I can do it!

Speaking of finishing what I start, I was putting this bookcase together last year and never finished, I think I will go do that now.

Oh yeah, one last word. Tonight I discovered if you are craving mac n cheese like crazy, make some spaghetti squash, and then mix in a little butter and Parmesan and it really satisfies that craving - MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmM!

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Oh yeah, AND another thing! Altogether I've lost 5 pounds so far... I'd like to lose another 55. But I'm not going to mention that number again, it will psych me out.

Now, to that bookcase.