Friday, January 8, 2010

Slightly Askew

That was me today - for some reason, I kept veering to the right, walking, driving, everything slightly askew. I must need some V8. Does that have sugar?

Thank goodness I started this cleanse on the 1st, otherwise I'd have no idea what day I'm on! So there it is, Twenty Ten day Ocho!

I'm happy to report, no cravings AT ALL! Also gone, the Fatter Fatter another Cheeseburger won't Matter attitude. Haha, homegirl is getting healthy! Today I even looked at a few food blogs, great looking food, didn't even salivate. While before? I would totally drool over all the yummy looking food. (Drooling? That's so last year.)

I haven't lost any weight in the past couple days since braving the scale, but have come across some fabulous new finds, inspiring me even more to lose weight, because of all these delicious clothing websites out there! I am picking what I want to wear when I'm skinny again.

Here's an example or three.

#1 - from Anthropologie:

For when my shoulders and arms are all buff and toned.

#2 from Shabby Apple: This one's my favorite!

And the red shoes!! I am in love. le sigh.

#3 from Stop Staring:
Well I can't seem to put the picture up but if you want to see a nice eggplant 40's glamour lula dress check out this link.

We all know I'm a Target shopper, so usually my clothes cost $30-$40 roughly. These dresses are a bit more than I typically spend, but well worth it, once I'm fit. A nice swanky night on the town with my motorcycle man, Oohlala tres bien!

See how worldly this cleanse has made me?

Next week I am both applying to grad school and finishing up my last semester in the land of the undergrad, let's see how my energy holds up.

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  1. It's going to be great reading your blog! I need the inspiration for sure! My boyfriend has been on nutrisystem and is looking amazing. I really need to keep up not only for me . . . but for him too. :-) Good job so far!