Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well whadya know!? I missed my blog's birthday

Does that make me a bad blogger??

At first I was thinking 100 blogs, I must celebrate!  And I missed that but I thought for SURE I'd make my 1 year .. birthday?  anniversary?  It was 2 days ago and I didn't even make a cake.  Oh! The shame!

No, dear pup, no cake here.  Mama's slimming.

At least until my real birthday!

Anyway..Back when I started blogging, I had no idea what would become of it, I just wanted to write and keep in touch with people I didn't speak to often.  Then I discovered a whole world of blogging I didn't know existed, and then a world inside the bloggosphere dedicated solely to food blogs and it sent my head spinning.  I tried to do it all I think.  I'm not a focused type a gal, so why should my blog focus on one thing?

As each of you became a follower, I must admit being a bit of a nerd, I would exclaim with joy and smile big for each and every one of you.  And if there were ears close by I let them know I had a new follower!  I am very excited you are here, see!  Thank you very much for following, and commenting, I love the comments!

Wow this year really flew, but it has been really fun!  I'm thinking hard here, for a spontaneous poem, a la The Waitress, in honor of this momentous occasion.  Nothing comes to mind, so I will be extra spontaneous and write it as I go.

Please picture a group of background vocalists, noted in italics. 
Thank you.

My blog is turning ONE!
whoop!  whoop!
Well that's no stinkin FUN!
no fun, no no fun!
But I will not have a FIT!
You best not girlfriend
Aaaaand that's all I got.
You coulda did better, yeeeaaahh!

Thank you all for reading and I hope for another fun filled, less stressful, size 10 wearing year ahead!

Go on and have a margarita for me tonight!


  1. Well happy blog birthday!!! I'm looking forward to another year reading it!

  2. Happy birthday, blogger! And I loved your poem!

  3. Don't feel bad, I missed several of my blog's big days!