Sunday, October 3, 2010


You can wear boots!  And you can wear boots! 
And YOU can wear boots!

I have this embarrassing problem.  I love shoes, I LOVE shoes, and always want to wear boots, but when I try them on, I can't zip them all the way up.  It is mortifying, even if no one else knows, I know, and I feel ashamed.  Seriously, are my calves that darn big?

So it's hard for me to contain my excitement, I was just reading Oprah's magazine where she features these:

Boot bands!  They increase the width of any boot.  Good golly I am excited and how brilliant for someone to think of that!  Just when I resigned that I will never get to wear cute boots, someone comes along with a fantastic invention.  Gosh it's just so..brilliant.  I can't get over it!!

And a huge giant calf-size THANK YOU to Krista Barnett who invented these lovelies!

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