Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's been cooking

Lately I can't help it, I seem to have a girl crush on Pioneer Woman. Her food is amazing, I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all the butter, wine, and other slimming ingredients she throws into them.  I have my favorite magazine, Taste of Home Prize Winning Recipes, that I've never found a bad recipe in..and now P-Dub's site has become the same.  Everything I make is unbelievably delicious!  Have you made any of her recipes? 

Last night for example, I made one of her latest, Chicken Cacciatore.  I don't think I've ever heard of cacciatore before this, and I have to say, I was missing out. Her photos are way better than mine, but I plan to work on that one day.  Here's how mine turned out, and here is the link to her recipe. 

I didn't make it 100% like hers, it turned out I had no wine in the fridge??  Right??  What in the world..?
I also didn't have tomatoes, which is another profound mystery..I ended up finding a can of rotel tomatoes in the back of the cabinet.  Made it more spicy but still, it tasted pretty amazing.

Right this moment, as I type, this is getting all warm and bubbly like in my oven:

And I have to say, it's become a regular in my house.  My hubs LOVES this casserole.  And LOVES is saying it mildly.  Here is the link.

Recently I baked for a bake sale.  I have a tendancy to go overboard when I get an opportunity to bake, so in the spirit of moooooooore!  I looked at what I had in the house and found a recipe to match.

Here's what I made:

(Duh!  That's where the wine went!)

I made it with an orange cake mix..I wasn't 100% on the level of moistness so I added a glaze, not pictured.  All in all though, I was pretty happy with it.

I also made some Blondies a la Dorie Greenspan.

And decided to wrap them autumnal like:

Whenever I'm at Michael's, which is next to Barnes and Noble, which means I'm there often, I pick up a spool or two of ribbon.  Such an inexpensive way to dress up a little plastic bag, don'tcha think?

All the fabulous Dorie recipes can be found here.

And that's what's been cooking!  How about you -- Made anything fabulous lately?


  1. I love Pioneer Woman's website too, not just for the recipes but also for the photography tips! She's brilliant!

  2. No wine?? AHHHH! Haha! I have a girl crush On P-Dub too, so don't worry, everything I have made off her website has been wonderful, I saw this one on there the other day and want to make it also!