Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

I've had these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins bookmarked for some time now, just waiting for a good day to bake.  I've been pretty good lately with working out so I've refrained from baking.  But seriously, a girl needs pumpkin in the fall right?  YES is the answer. 

I have varying degrees of enjoyment, you know like when I made P-Dub's Chicken Spaghetti last week and that elicits eyes closed and a yummmmmm.  Some things are "Good!" said in a high pitch.  Then the low pitch "Goooood" which is slightly better.  Then there is something so rarely outrageously delightful I simply swear like a sailor.  It's very true, and has only happened a couple times.  The first time it happened I remember vividly..being from the north I never had ChicFilA, which is only right now being introduced up there.  One day I was in Myrtle Beach, waiting for my husband's flight to come in, so I went to the Chic, and for breakfast they were serving Chicken Minis.  That was the most bizarre thing I ever did hear, Chicken for breakfast!?  I never!  Then I tried one, and oooh did I let the swear words fly, which surprised even myself that such a thing would come out of my mouth.  But really, they are da booooomb!

Long story short, the point I'm trying desperately to reach..This here recipe has made me swear it's so freaking good.  Please do try them and if you are around small children, just tell them to put on their ear muffs so they don't hear you. 

I'm really trying not to swear just looking at the pictures, much less tasting them. 

I made it as is, the only change I'd make is putting more than a tablespoon as she says, on the bottom, because see how low the cream cheese is?  I'd fill the cup halfway with the pumpkin batter, then spoon in the cream cheese, then top it off.  Just a wee little detail, still the best muffin I ever made.


  1. Those pumpkin muffins look divine! I thought the same thing about having chicken for breakfast until I actually tried ti. Now I am HOOKED!

  2. They look absolutely amazing! Must try them!

  3. those look amazing! I am a new follower!


  4. It's like a pumpkin roll in cupcake form. YUM!