Wednesday, September 30, 2009

are you ...?

I had a really great day yesterday. I accomplished everything on the to-do list and felt so good I even got to bed at a decent time. Got up this morning for work, well. Mornings are never pretty, but today was ever so slightly better than normal. (How about that, being productive actually makes you feel better than lazy? How can this be?)

Then today I was brought down by a single question. The question that plagues every famous actress the minute she eats a cheeseburger. Maybe you know where I'm headed. Yes - the dreaded - Are you P~~~ Gosh I can't even type it, if you're not P~~ it is the single most horrible question you could be asked. Why would anyone ask unless it was very clearly evident I wonder?

I was asked this several years ago, and immediately after lost about 40 pounds and was skinnier than I had been since high school. I maintained for quite a while. Then I moved and got a desk job and it was over! I had planned on baking when I got home today, but now, I am vowing to spend an hour on the treadmill. Last night I did a dvd, Billy Blanks Tae Bo something I forget. Not your normal Tae Bo but one where they dance in it too. I'm sure I looked quite the fool. So much so that my dog thought I was going crazyyy and was either trying to imitate me, jump on me, or when it got really bad, he'd just look at me with clear amusement on his puppy face, head tilted to one side.

It's just one of those days, you want to crawl back into bed wearing comfy sweats, pull the fleece blanket up to your chin and watch movies. Not just any movies. Chick flicks.

Only that would defeat everything, since the point is to get out of that mode and into the gym.

But I do have this cute pumpkin pan I've been anxious to try out. Maybe if I get a kick @$$ workout in, I will reward myself with being able to bake, and will try just one! and give the rest away. Haha! See, bipolar - why can't I have the best of both worlds. Grumble.


  1. you're funny... good luck girly!! i know it's gotte suck being asked that.. but you've got a great outlook on the fact that it's a motivater :)

  2. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
    -Eleanor Roosevelt

    I always liked that quote but somehow am always giving consent! I loved the strength in your first paragraph. I'm sorry you were brought low by that comment but goodonya for using it as incentive to do something positive for yourself, not the idiot who made the comment.

    I was in the baking mode back in the day but luckily I did have an office of young men who loved me for bringing the goods into the office. I got so many thanks I only needed to eat one (or two) to be satisfied. So try out that pumpkin pan. Did you find pumpkin yet?

  3. I agree with Jackie!

    We cannot hang on the one person who TRIES to ruin our day. Hang on to all the OTHERS who brighten your day! They're the ones you need to pay attention with and be concerned with.

    I always imagined (of course it was IMAGINED because who would do this?) but just imagine that you have a plastic tarp in front of you and everything that silly woman (or any other jerk) slings at you just rolls off of the tarp and on to the ground. Then I'd stomp on it :-)