Friday, September 4, 2009

Feeble Beginnings

Tonight I made my first feeble attempt at a layer cake! And will also make my first feeble attempt at food blogging, complete with photos and all. Whoop Whoop Whoop (Arsenio arm pump) Go me!

I was kind of making it up on the fly, here's what I did! Start out making a yellow super moist boxed cake. (Yes, I used a boxed cake mix!) After it was baked and cooled, cut it in half across the middle of the cake.

Then add some bananas:

And why not, some chocolate pudding too!

Then put the top back on, but upside down to have a nice, smooth Will Smith flat top.

Now the frosting! I whipped up some heavy whipping cream with a bit of confectioners sugar. I also added a little coconut around the sides to hide my messiness.

Finally~ A flower to make it a little Carrie Bradshaw-esque.

And there she is, all wrapped up and ready for eatin'! But not tonight my good cake, it's late and mama's full. :)


  1. Good start, NoM! Love the final flourish, the CB flower and glass cover.

  2. To cover the messiness, or rather, fix it: Let the frosting rest on the cake for about ten minutes. Take a napkin or paper towel and gently press down to smooth frosting so there are no knife marks/swirls. I hate coconut and would hate to see you rely on THAT for the rest of your baking life! I think I learned this trick from one of my cake decorating classes at JC Penneys.

  3. LOL, good tip,thanks! The cake by the way, tasted fabulous! Coconut and all. :)

  4. It does look good! I love coconut.

  5. I have since learned, skip the Will Smith flat top. Put the top back on the cut side down and line it up with the bottom of the cake.