Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well smack my ass and call me Judy

...It's an old Friends line that had me cracking up, no other reason. I mentioned, I'm a thief, title is totally stolen both from Friends and the Well Read Hostess, link at right..

Last week was the ol' birthday and I wanted to share some presents! First, the cutest fluffiest cat photo ever, don't you want to hug her?

I also got a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and couldn't wait to get a big beautiful cookbook filled with gorgeous food photos. (I don't so much love cookbooks that don't have photos!)

First, a big decision. What kind of cookbook do I want? The bipolarness in me wanted both a book of healthy recipes and another dessert cookbook. Decision Smamision. I got both!! Here's what I got and I'm super excited about both.

<--- My Body is a Temple as Nigella says.

Gimme somma dat! --->

I was thinking I should stop buying cookbooks now, my shelves are overflowing. But then, just this afternoon, the day after proclaiming I was taking hiatus from buying cookbooks, I get an email from good old Barnes and Noble, there are 3 cookbooks coming out at the end of October, and I really really long for all 3! I stopped short of preordering The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, take a look at these beauties: (I am talking about the cookbooks, not that the chefs aren't also beauties)

2 Healthy recipe books, 1 just plain good food book. Ask me in November and I bet I have at least 2 of them. Can I use these pictures? Free advertising? If you see no pictures here I've been made to take them down. :)

Can you say Chunk?

And now I am in need of a serious intervention, which I am giving to myself, just before I break out into a Truffle Shuffle. I've got to get in shape, and I've been contemplating between doing Body for Life or P90X. Both are very similar, I may just do a hybrid. I've been looking over the Body for Life diet, and it is eating healthy and exercising 6 days a week, and on the 7th!! Day 7 you eat what you want so you don't feel deprived. I could still use both cookbooks, just one waaaay more than the other. Stay tuned...

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