Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello, Friday

Wait, is it next weekend already?  What happened to this past week?

Do you know what I did for the 4th?  I made patriotic strawberries!  They looked fabulous and I shall say they will be returning for years to come.  Who knew chocolate dipped strawberries were so simple to make but extravagant looking.  So I served them to some guests that came over.  Do you know what they did?  Ate em all right up!  And raved to my hearts content.  There were a few that didn't fit on the plate and so were hanging out in the fridge.  Do you know what my husband did?  Threw them away.  He said they looked like a diabetic coma. 

I mean really.  There were two.  And it was a strawberry.

Well I------------Never!  harumph.

Perhaps several months ago, I don't know, I don't remember, I mentioned stopping drinking sugary drinks.  But I didn't really mean coke.  I mean most sugary drinks.  I have a coke very very rarely, as a treat.  I had a few small bottles in the fridge, who were hanging out like cool cats next to the strawberries.  Guess what.  Also trashed.  I mean, such a waste.  I swallowed the big lump of irritation that was residing in my throat, and tried to remember he's looking out for me.  I appreciate it but reserve the right to grumble.

I've been thinking about this here blog recently, and how I'd like to be blogging more but what will I blog about?  I started wanting to keep in touch with family and friends, then immediately needed a food blog, but then took a few zigzags and ended up having no clear purpose for blogging.  I kinda like it that way.  Sometimes I like to cook, sometimes I like to exercise, other times I like to babble.  Lately, I haven't been cooking, haven't so much been exercising regularly - at least not on the weight loss train yet, and wondered by way of the babble what really to talk about when nothing is going on.  I wonder, is this a paragraph about nothing?  Ideally I would be cooking a whole lot more (healthy fare), and exercising a whole lot more, and doing more to blog about.  Crikey have I become boring?

I am now on a quest.  I don't wanna be boring!  I am going to start cooking more, and getting to the gym, and maybe, just maybe, a few nights on the town.  Almost all the pictures I've used on here lately have been from GOOGLE.  google!  Hows about I get out and get my own photos for a change huh?  So dear friends and fellow bloggers, I hope soon to have a LIFE and a more entertaining blog. 

I mean, don't hold your breath or anything.  This is just my mission.

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  1. You should have taken a picture of your strawberries!