Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I did it!!

I wrote about meditating on the beach at sunrise a while ago now, and finally I dragged le butt out of le bed and hauled hiney to the beach for sunrise!

It was so hot and damp at the beach at 6am, my camera lens kept fogging up on me.

The beach!

The Sunrise!!

What you can't see, probably because they are so very aptly named..the no-see-ums!  I didn't anticipate them and now have several bites on my ankles and one particularly unfortunate bite on my middle finger, an odd place not only to be bitten but also to figure out how to scratch.  This thing itches and my finger is swollen because of it!  Yow!

Making it to the beach for sunrise was a huge step for me..but I didn't meditate.  I didn't tell hubs we were going so he wasn't prepared with proper footware, so he didn't even want to walk on the beach. 

I am very happy that we did that, I definitely would love to do it again, and maybe walk or even meditate next time.

What a fabulous way to start the day!


  1. That sounds so nice. Last time I saw a sunrise on the beach I was watching a shuttle launch and there were a ton of people around. I'd like to go when it's a lot more peaceful. I much prefer sunrise to sunset. Thanks for the inspiration. Great blog!

  2. Great job getting up to do that! The pictures are amazing and make me miss those beaches. :)

  3. Just beautiful! The beach and water are like therapy for me. Thanks so much for sharing ~


  4. I am not a morning person but I would definitely get up to see the sunrise:)

  5. awesome... and LOL "hauled heine"