Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fives

Today I'm linking up with Beth at Just Me and My Life for her Friday Fives!

Just Me and My Life

Big ups for link ups!  Woot wooooot!

1.  Describe your IDEAL Saturday.
I have lots of ideals actually, but I'll give a realistic ideal.  Tomorrow I have a Saturday off and I couldn't be more excited!  I've only had about 4 or 5 Saturdays off this whole year so this is something special.  I am looking forward to a business meeting in the own business that will ultimately lead me to the life I've always dreamed of.  Then either lunch with hubs or friends, a movie at the theater, and church.  Then a quiet night with the hubs.  A little Barnes time squeezed in somewhere too.

2.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Hahahaaaa well.  I never met a dessert I didn't like.  But Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie.  Although on Throwdown the other night Bobby Flay made a pumpkin bread pudding..I've been searching for the recipe, I must have that!  But I haven't found a recipe that looks like the one he made.  Anyone?

3.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
I was a flight attendant starting in 2001, then in 2007 I moved from the flying world to the hospital world..both industries that don't get holidays.  I am usually working, sad to say!  This is why I look forward to waking up early on a Saturday morning for business meetings,  because one day, holidays will be all mine!  And new traditions will be made.  Really though, I just miss my family, who are in Chicago.  I just want to go hoooooome for my mom's turkey.

4. Who does the cooking?
Depends on where I am.  Anywhere but Chicago, I do the cooking.  In Chicago I make a dish or two and dessert.

5. Do you shop black Friday?
Helllllllllls no!  You won't find me waking up at 3am on a day off..and I hate crowds, in particular vicious crowds.

Oh nooo.  No no no.
Just no.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Since I'm not American and don't live in the US, I've only been around one Thanksgiving, and we ended up in an Italian restaurant along with loads of other tourists!

    We went shopping on Black Friday and found some great deals at GAP, but really, NOT ANYMORE! I hate pushy crazy crowds!


    Bobby Flay recipe!