Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coastal Carolina Fair

Did you know there's a fair in town?  Hubs asked me last weekend.
Ummm,YEAH, it's only on billboards every 10 feet around here!
I don't look at billboards when I'm driving. (him)
A likely excuse indeed! (me)

On Monday we decided to forgo the gym, which we've been going to nightly, instead to head out for some greasy fried fair food!  MMMM can't ya just smell the peppers and onions?   
Walking out the door, we both walk over to the passenger side of the car.  Dang it dang it dang it, I Hate driving, especially when I don't know where I'm going, but he has been working all day so I have no choice.

Do you know where it is?  I ask as I begrudgingly saunter to the driver's side.
No! he jovially replies.
Grumble. (me) I hate driving.

Off we go, as I'm heading down some side streets, he tells me I need to get over to the highway.  This when there is a line to get on the highway a half mile behind us.  Meaning?  Gotta cut some people off.  (Did I mention I hate driving?) I'm one of those people who get into the proper lane a mile in advance.  Ooh I don't like this one bit, I think to myself.. (Meanwhile, he, from New York, would have been cutting people off the whole ride there.  Yes, I'm from Chicago, but I don't have that driving mentality.  Do you?)

On the highway, sticking to the right lane since I didn't know where I was going, there were signs for which exit to take for the fair.  I was planning on getting off at the first one, but a mile before that one, I saw some cars on the side of the road, thinking they must have gotten into an accident, I flew by.  Suddenly realizing it wasn't a few cars, it was a massive line of cars, all headed to the FAIR.  Oooh I really hate driving. The second exit had a line that was deceptively shorter, deceptive because the stoplight made it so only 2-3 cars got through at a time.  We were about 20. 

Long ride short, we were in the car over an hour getting to the fair,which was about 10 miles away.

On a brighter note, the sky looked amazing as we drove:

I am slightly obsessed with the sky, so the picture on the left was actually taken in the parking lot of Lowe's the day before. The colors were gorgeous!  BUT the one on the right was really the sky as we drove to the fair, it looked like a child fingerpainted it, beautiful.


After the hour long car ride, we were H.U.N.G.R.Y. 
First stop?  And this was quite immediate, FOOOD!

We went to the very first place we saw, which was a Greek place.

  Chicken gyro for him, Lamb for me
At this point, may I interrupt myself to bring you this very important message.

I have such trouble inserting and moving around pictures, it's ridiculous.
I may scream.  The gyro picture?  Went to the top of the blog, then the very bottom, then back to the top.  Never quite landing where I wanted it to.  Gah!  Took me a good 10 minutes to place it properly!

That's all.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

 ...When all of a sudden a guy in a blue shirt walked by gnawing on a giant turkey leg.
TURKEY LEG! I exclaim, knowing my husband would need one immediately.
Let's go!  He says, trying to follow the guy, who was walking fast and weaving in and out of the mass of humanity that lay in front of us.  We lost him as soon as we saw him.

Finally, found the turkey legs!  Barbaric aren't they?   Not to mention, $10!  For a turkey leg!
I mean, I guess if I had to lose a leg for fair folk to gnaw on barbaricly, they better be paying dearly for it.  These things are massive, the poor turkeys..

And since hubs was indulging, and we only go to the fair like once every 7 years, I thought ME TOO!

I bypassed the marginally healthy (hello, apple?!) candied apples..

And headed straight for the elephant ears!
Hubs:  Real turkey leg
Me: Fake elephant ear

Bring on the fried dough!   I had the cinnamon sugar, and I ate about a quarter of this massive ear.

And oh, it was worth it.

Then we walked and walked and walked.  Past all the gaming wizards, all shouting to us.
Hey!  Hey you! Play this game!  Win this Rasta Nana!  Hey!  Come here!

To which we pretended to be in intense conversation, not paying much mind to the heckling gamers.

We did play one game, the squirt gun game,.  Even THAT..there were 4 of us and he wouldn't start without filling up the table, so we had to wait while he heckled the passersby to come here!  Only 2 more people!  Win any prize you see!

A dad started walking over and his teenage son pushed him away. Noooooo.  I don't want to play!  Don't play!  And the dad kept walking, like he was walking against a strong gale forced wind, the wind being his son pushing him back, noooo.  Don't play!

I mean, this kid REALLY didn't want his dad to play!

The dad, as dad's do, won the argument, played against us, and kicked our butt.

And so, we took our full bellies, carried them to the car, and went on our merry way.

What are you looking at, Pig?

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