Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping On

Wow is it Monday already?  Dyou wanna know what I did this weekend?  Not a whole lot of anything friends.  I've been feeling pretty ok about not getting into grad school, and thank you for your encouraging comments.  I keep thinking it's meant to be this way, and trying to figure out why. 

For sure..the health bit.  I haven't been updating on the health and exercising as I'd like.  But I also haven't been doing the health and exercising as I'd like.  I haven't been doing nothing, and that's a start (I keep telling myself), but I really like to get to the point of "athlete" and I'm so far from it that I just don't know where to begin.  This is how I'm used to working out, see, and when I stopped and packed on the weight, I wasn't exercising at all.  Now I'm trying to do what I once did and it hurts, it really really hurts.  That said, I have been trying to do a little something every day, walking or a workout dvd.  Not going to grad school, I can focus just on the weight loss.  I hope to lose 60 pounds this year.  Hold me to that now!  I have lost only 10 thus far, that doesn't include the 60 I still want to lose.

No more waffling, good people.  I have been quite introspective all weekend.  I started reading this book:

Find it here.  It's about meditation..something I've always wanted to know how to do but couldn't grasp until now.  It's about looking at yourself in each moment, not for ways to improve, just plain observing yourself from a perspective as if you are "dead" and viewing this moment in your life from outside yourself.  Sometimes I can do it and other times my heart starts racing and I don't know if I want to see myself in that way.  Telling right?  Yeah.  I know.

For yesterday's church service we had a guest pastor, Steve Reynolds, who wrote the book "Bod 4 God."  He came with all sorts of inspirational weight loss stories.  Whoa, the timing right? 

After hearing that, I decided we needed to become one with nature so I dragged Hubs to Magnolia Plantation.  I also brought my new camera, and for the first time, I fell in loooove with it!  Oh dear, what fabulous photos you take, **swoon!**  And guess what?  I can't figure out how to download them yet, so I have but 1 picture I took when we first got there with the old camera.

First thing we see when we walked in?  This horse:


Check out that mane!  Isn't she sassy?  I like to call her Lindsay Lohorse. 

After becoming one with nature, photos to come at a later time, I came home and went into the great hibernation.  I slept about 15 hours!  Part of me just wants to plain shut down, but I know I must keep keeping on. 

I am always always in need of constant inspiration, so I turned my other blog into a way to not only inspire myself but everyone who hopefully reads it.  If you have an inspiring story to share or have gived or received random acts of kindness please email me and check out my blog A Million to One.

And don't forget my giveaway!  I will pick a winner at random tonight!

Can you get over all this self promotion? 


  1. OK, first off, Lindsey Lohorse is ADORABLE! And so, so SASSY!! Second, I think you've got the exact right attitude with this weight loss goal; just one day at a time, do what you can do, keep pressing on!! I think you're going to do GREAT!!

    And I think sleeping for 15 hours is your body just telling you it needs a major "time-out" to regroup and refocus. Good for you for GIVING it!! Cheers!!

  2. i agree, lohorse is funny! girl, don't get down on the weight thing.. it'll happen, just stay consistent.. don't know what happened with the whole grad school thing, i'll hope to see you this weekend.. i've floated for the last two weeks and i'm completely clueless about what's going on with everyone.. so what's the plan now? keep taking pics, you are an amazing photographer, maybe that's your calling.. ??