Friday, March 26, 2010

What's doing

You know those silly warnings at the start of movies, how they say the views and opinions expressed in this movie do not reflect those of this company, and then you watch a movie, something like The Hangover, and just when I start to think this production company is a bunch of drunken...oh no wait, the disclaimer!  It's not the production company it's the actors!  Duh!

I am not feeling uber silly at the moment, so, my disclaimer, if I may apologize ahead of time for the mellowness of the following posting..Mellowness, but not down!

After all the hubbub the past few weeks, I'd been feeling at the dirty south bottom and clammering my way out, I am now feeling so much better. (At long last) I spoke to several friends that I hadn't heard from in a while and that was really nice because, dang, I miss y'all!  I have been living in Charleston for a couple years now, but I really haven't had the girlfriend connections I had in every other place I've lived. (Chicago, Tampa, Detroit!  This girl gets around)  I am to blame for that too because between work and school, then spending time with my husband I just haven't had time to go out, either that or I'm exhausted.  But damn I miss mah girlfriends.

Here's the thing, for the past couple weeks I've been having some serious panic attacks.  I think I really need to find what's at the core, mostly it's my life's direction or lack thereof at the moment.  From not getting into grad school, to realizing my health flat out sucks and I need a change, to other assorted problems I shan't blog about, it felt like every which way I turned was horrid.  I went to a doctor to get some drugs but really, this is situational and I don't want to take anything, so I haven't.  Instead, I have decided to turn to fasting.  Maybe I'll post about fasting at another time, yeah?  Has anyone done a fast before?

So as I ponder a deeper meaning to life please gander over to these beautiful blogs about decorating that make me happy:

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  1. I don't know if this helps, but I am RIGHT there with you on this! I, too, am in a bit of a spiral right now, and have absolutely no clue as to what's next! I REALLY, REALLY need to figure this out soon!! I hope both of us are able to find "next" soon!! Hang in there!!

  2. I totally understand. A few months ago I had my life totally laid out; things happened and I am totally confused on the next step or where to go. Just taking it day by day is all we can do I guess.

  3. Having been in your shoes a few times in the past with panic, etc, all I can say is that there is change ahead. People who tend to be "in touch" with the world tend to feel panic as the "change" vibration. At the risk of sounding like a crazy hippie, just go with it, pray a lot and in the end, it will all be better.