Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Today is one of those perfect spring days, the sun is shining, flowers beginning to bloom, it's just the perfect temperature for taking a walk.  Which is just what I did this morning.  I let my mind wander, so much has been going on lately, I just wanted to relax and breathe in the spring air.

Since I have been diligently trying to find the happy channel lately, I let the negative, panicked self behind on the sidewalk, walking further and further away from it, towards a fresh start, a happier, revived self.  Sorta like spring itself, you know?  After shedding itself of the dead leaves, trees are also revealing their fresh, revived selves.

Yesterday morning I had had yet another panic attack.  I was at work so I had to take a walk, find composure and get back as soon as possible.  After calming somewhat, I turned to some blogs to relax my mind.  The first I came across was The Notebook Journey.  The notebook is making a journey around the world, and each person who receives it contributes a page and passes it to the next person.  This sounds like great fun, a way to be creative as well as see what other creations people have made.  Check it out and if you feel so inclined, add your name to the list of people to add to the notebook.

Then, I posted a motivational story to my other blog, A Million to One.  Right after doing that, I read another fabulous inspirational posting on The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous, and Newlywed.  Please go to her blog and read it, she writes so well and it is a very touching post.  I loved it so much, she generously allowed me to repost it on A Million to One.  At the same time, I received a few emails from the new blog and all of a sudden, my panic attack had all but disappeared as I comtemplated what I could do, how can I spread kindness and inspiration for others to do the same?

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi
"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Teresa
"Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give." Eleanor Roosevelt

Here's the thing.  I've noticed people as a whole seem to be having less patience with each other.  There is so much selfishness.  As for me, I spent so much time living alone that I closed myself down..for fear of being naive and getting taken advantage of or worse.  It's made me a much different person, but the thing is, I don't like being that way.  It's crossed over to other areas of my life too.  I've noticed I've been really bad with driving in particular, not letting people in, being an inconsiderate driver.  What's up with that I wonder? 

This morning while driving I told myself I was going to let anyone who wanted in, in.  I do dislike it so when you know someone wants to cut in but they don't turn on their signal.  I saw a van speed up to my right today and found myself stepping harder on the gas and had to remind myself to let the man in, even though he's not signaling.  To me, a turn signal says "Please may I come over to your lane?"  So polite, that signal is.  When someone doesn't use it, I think Hmph! Rude!  Anyway, I backed off a little to let him in, but you know what?  He didn't want in.  So there it is.  I will make an honest effort to be a more considerate driver from now on.

This is a little off, a little on subject but for the longest time, maybe since high school, I've really wanted to have one of those scrolling signs across my back windshield of my car.  Then up by the dashboard a small keyboard that I can change the messages as I drive.  I can type without looking see, this would be too dangerous for those who can't right?  Then I would be able to communicate with other drivers - "thanks dude" when they let me in or "your turn signal is on" for the person who drives for miles and miles with it on, you know stuff like that.  Right?  I'm sure it's very easy to make if you are so inclined, which I am not.  But sometimes in my mind, I will type out Thanks Dude and have it scrolling across the back of my car.  You should try it!

My thoughts for the day: Take a walk if you live in glorious weather such as myself, be kind, use your turn signal, check out the other blogs...and have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. You are SERIOUSLY too kind! Thank you so much for sharing my story with others. :) I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I'm still spring cleaning. AGH!!!!