Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last week I went to Blockbuster intending on renting 500 Days of Summer.  Hubs was out of town so I was free to rent any chick flick my heart desired.  I walked around the store twice and didn't see it, first at the end of the alphabet section, then the start, then maybe by the "F" section (for Five hundred?) All the while I kept walking by the movie Coco Before Chanel and it was calling my name, pulling me to it.  I tried to walk away but would only get about a step away before turning back and picking it up again.  I didn't understand why but I knew I would not be able to get it off my mind unless I rented it, so for peace of mind's sake, I carried it to the register.  Wouldn't you know as soon as the decision was made, there was 500 Days of Summer, at the beginning of the alphabet..someone had been standing in front of it the first time around the store so I had missed it.  But there was no turning back at this point, Coco it was!

There's nothing like a night in, a glass of wine, and a good chick flick don't you think?

It was glorious!  I fell in love with the movie and watched it twice.  I haven't returned it yet and I may just watch it one more time before returning it..and really I am sure I will end up buying it too.  The movie is French with subtitles but to be honest I didn't even think twice about it when watching it, it draws you in so. 

The movie is in France and of course, (naturally), I wanted to go to there immediately.  I am enthralled with Europe, and all it's history and charm. Most of the movie takes place in the French countryside and how could you not fall in love, rolling meadows, forests, sprawling estates, riding horseback until you are in the middle of nowhere, in a beautiful field of green grass and wildflowers and stopping for a picnic!  I only wished I could breathe in the air..I love the smell of spring and nature.

Then there is the story, Coco was an orphan and it was only by sheer determination, persistance, and ambition that she made her way into the fashion world.

To compare with another favorite movie, Julie and Julia, didn't Julia's journey seem so glorious too?   Maybe that's just the magic of movies. Both Julia and Coco were filled with such passion.  I laughed at Julia because she was bored and didn't know what to do, tried hat making, playing cards, finally ending up in culinary school.  That's so me!  So many things I want to try, but what should I do?!

It seems, after watching Julia and Julia and Coco Before Chanel, the answer is move to France!  But what will I do there?  I could totally get immersed in cooking or hat making, or fashion!

I have been waiting, anticipating, desperately seeking passion for a long time now.  In the mean time, I've been a dabbler.  Sticking my toe into everything but never fully immersing my self or taking a leap of faith.

The thing about writing, wow it really makes you figure things out.  The answer bonked me on the head, just as I was waiting for passion to bonk me on the head..but duh, me, I've got to chase that sucker down.  You can't have passion sitting on the couch watching tv, you've got to have your own reality instead of watching other people.  I totally didn't start out even thinking about writing about my journey, but now I sit, stunned, as I've been smacked with a reality check.

The old me would have impulsively sold all my belongings and moved to France.

The new me?

Stay tuned.

That's code for I don't know what to do with this knowledge but I'm sitting here pondering, scheming, planning, contemplating.

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