Monday, March 22, 2010

So Very Un-PC

Here's a random thing about me:  I love love love when labels are un-politically correct!  Like when I was a flight attendant, I loved so much when someone called me a "Stewardess."  I have no idea why people get so up in arms against it.  It's a word for crying out loud, get over it!  Then there's "stay at home mom" vs. "domestic engineer."  In this case, I have to admit, I love domestic engineer.  They're just words, I mean they really crack me up and either way you call someone, there is just NO NEED to get offended.  Label shmabel call your aunt Mabel and WHINE..You have to be able to laugh at yourself!

I also really enjoy someone who is quite BLUNT.  In the spectrum of opinion giving, I say in one far corner is ignorant and in the other is walking on eggshells.  Closer to ignorant is mean/rude and a fine line after..blunt.  As long as you stay on the side of the blunt line, boy do I love you. You amuse me endlessly..even though as for me, I'm probably in between blunt and eggshells.."honest" but not blunt if you will.

One of the masters of being blunt, I must say, is Sharon Osbourne.  Did you watch The Apprentice last night?  Normally the winning team gets to return to their apartment and watch the losing team scratch each other's eyes out and throw their teammates to the wolves, or shall I say wolf that is The Trumpster:

The winning team will watch for cracks and exploit them when they can.  Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the losers.   And wait in anticipation to see which of their competitors will be given le axe or "Yah fiyerd"

Last night I was totally taken off guard, here the men, specifically that annoying former governor, (sorry, but he is) fighting for survival..

And they cut to Sharon Osbourne:

Who says - Do you think his eyes are too close together?  He looks half baked..

So Blunt.  So Random. 

And me, half asleep straining to keep awake to see the end, burst into a surprised fit of giggles.

That's the best.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. You sound like a very vivid interesting young lady and I like your style. I can't stand Donald Trump so I don't watch that show. Giggles come when an incongruity hits you.