Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color me pink and call me the Easter Bunny!

1)  If you've got some time this weekend before Easter, head on down to Marshall's and see if you can't find such a cute plate as this:

Hello, $5.99!! No kidding!

2)  Then head over to Bakerella and make some of them cake balls.  They aren't the hardest thing ever to make, they are quite simple, but there is a little technique I'm finding.  Be sure to use chocolate meltaways because they are smooth and have a nice "pop" when you bite into these.  It's not easy to get that chocolate on smoothly, that's where the technique comes into play.  I'm still working on that bit.  But looky here, look who's all ready for Easter!

Good heavens to Betsy these are awesome!  I made another batch in the shape of eggs but I was too excited to finish those before blogging, I had to put this up at once!

I hope you all have a happy Easter!


  1. Oh, I love that sweet ribbon around the edge! I can't believe how inexpensive this is!

    Even more, I love the fact that you used the phrase, "Good heavens to Betsy!" LOVE it!!

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Oh, I would love to see you show up at our door on Easter morning with this plate in your hands. or even empty handed.

  3. How adorable are those cake balls!!!