Saturday, April 10, 2010

My tortured relationship with frivolous desserts

I found this amusing article over at Europe's Cupcake Backlash which has my favorite quote of the year thus far, London Times writer Laura Atkinson saying  "Those damn Americans, and their tortured relationship with frivolous desserts!"

Is a dessert NOT meant to be frivolous?  Whaaaa??  

I respectfully beg to differ good woman.  Frivolity is and can be quite fun, a trait I quite like in my desserts thankyouverymuch.

And now I can only wonder, what makes a dessert serious?  My word, London, please tell me.
A quick search of London desserts, and this came up:

Whoa.  Those er some serious looking desserts.
Are those ramen noodles?
Haha!  Don't mind me, I'm just a silly American who likes my dessert a bit more frivolous.

Then the article mentions this little treat that is sold at McDonald's in Germany...

New York Cupcakes!  

So...frivolous..I love them!

Take a walk with me as I move from desserts onward to snacking.  And my favorite snacking of all: Target snacking!  I discovered a long time ago that the yummy popcorn you pay $20 for at the movie theater, you can buy fresh in the popcorn combo, popcorn and a soda, for $1.andsomechange!!  Really?  I mean, girls, come on.  It's cheaper to have movie night in your home, buy a $15 movie, the popcorn combo, turn off the lights and theater at home!

Otherwise?  Sometimes there is no substitute for a dark theater.  Still, go to Target, and pick up a nice big purse.

THEN buy the popcorn combo, stick it in said purse, and go to the movie. Instead of one ridiculously large bucket o popcorn and soda, for the same price you now have a purse and a more belly friendly size bag o popcorn.

What?  Is that wrong?

I mean.  I don't do it.  Just saying.

The other day I was strolling the local Target and came across these lovely snacks:

They're like, healthy potato chips, but TASTY!  
I'm talking 5 star snacking here people.

What a frivolous post really.


  1. I agree! Dessert is frivolous. Here's to cupcakes!

  2. I love desserts any way you slice em. Frivolous and or rustic. Love your Target tips!

  3. Life is too short to not enjoy frivolous deserts and blog posts!!!