Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Welcome Poem

I thought good n hard how to welcome my new followers, because I appreciate you so much, I figured it best expressed in a poem.  Please enjoy!


So Glad you are here!


And Grab some beer!

Truth be told, one may be led to think that I perhaps could be a little bit of a lush given my last 2 posts.  I do love a margarita, glass of wine, or even an ice cold beer now and again, but know what?  I don't really drink all that often.  I felt like I should put that out there, because I'm honest like that.

I have a little love to give!

My sister has joined the blogging world and I am thrilled!  She was always posting the funniest status updates on facebook.  Such as:
"just finished mowing the back yard twice. Grass was so long, that when it was mowed many treasures revealed themselves - found sport and sandbox equipment, piles of dog poop I had assumed were picked up, and a small tribe of pygmies, distraught at losing their home..."
 and she is finally going to take it a step further with a hilarious blog about stay at home mommalahood.

ALSO!  I can't get over this and so dang excited! 
Jen at I'm a Nola Girl was having a lil contest.. I entered and WON!  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into these fabulous truffles from Bittersweet Confections.

Try to read this without drooling:
Bananas Foster Truffle (!) - A dark swiss chocolate ganache infused with creamy bananas, a hint of cinnamon, and a brown butter reduction.

Thank You!

So much love for one post, I think I feel a nap coming on...


  1. ha ha ha, i like that raccoon pic! And Congrats!! Winning chocolate has got to be an awesome feeling!

  2. Wow, you won a great prize. Congrats and savor each one.