Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Week

It's not that I've forgotten to blog, not even that I haven't had time...

But when I open up blogger and see my dashboard and all the food blogs I follow with temptuous looking desserts and non Daniel fast food..

It's rough.

I was off work the first 3 days of the fast and good thing too, because I had the worst headache and was fatigued to all get out.  I am somewhat embarassed to admit I spent the days lounging around the house, I wanted to meditate and be in the mindset of fasting but my brain wouldn't go there.

On day 4 I had a little bit less of a headache, although it came on later in the day.  I must be more toxic than I thought!  And I don't smoke and rarely drink.  Pure caffeine and sugar baby.  All in all day 4 was an ok day.  This is my first fast and I wasn't sure about how it would work.  But I'm going forward in faith, and I can say that I feel great today.

On day 5, I was brave enough to cook 2 different dinners, one Daniel fast dinner for me, and another with meat for my carnivorous husband.  Sheila at Strawberry Cake posted a recipe for spaghetti sauce.  I made mine without meat, added mushrooms, took out the sugar, and used whole wheat pasta.  His was made according to the recipe, but with ground turkey instead of beef.  And regular pasta.  And I just have to say, his pasta, after simmering for 3 hours on the stove, looked and smelled to be the best pasta I ever did make.  And I couldn't even lick the spoon.  I stood there and watched as he drained his pasta, added a dab of butter to it, stirred it up and then added the sauce.  Ohhh it looked goooood.  I can't WAIT until February and I will be making this again.  On this day I also woke up and knew without doubt that I will be doing this for 30 days instead of 21.  This means I will be done on February 1st.  And since the Superbowl is February 6th, I plan on having a big cheesy pizza!

On days 6 and 7 I had to work and didn't feel all too bad anymore.  The headaches were mostly gone. I planned my food for the day very well, and I'm feeling better and better every day. I no longer miss caffeine and sugar.  I'm stronger willed..heading into the breakroom I ran into some other people walking in carrying a stack of pizzas.  I'm a real sucker for pizza.  But I went in there, had my leftover spaghetti, didn't feel a thing when they took a bite, closing their eyes to savor, and exclaiming how good it was.  I may have winced a little at that, but I didn't want any pizza.  I know I will have mine in February and until then, I'm in the zone.

Today is day 8, and like I said, I feel great!  I can't imagine going backwards now, I think it will only get better from here.  Tomorrow I'm going to start Jillian's 30 day shred.  I know I've been writing mainly about the diet portion of the fast and not the spiritual, but the spiritual is the reason I am doing this.  As for that, all I can say is, I'm learning and growing, and have a long way to go.  I definitely am not in a place to do this alone so I've been doing a lot of reading and research.  The main 2 resources are the book Fasting by Jentezen Franklin and the Ultimate Daniel Fast blogger. 

Sorry about waiting a week to update..really that first week is tough but I'm happy I made it through!

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  1. You are quite the inspiration. Good luck with the coming weeks; you can do it.