Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello there, human!  I am the one they call Onyx.
I do everything I can to interrupt my human when she is on this blog,
yet she will continue to write away.  She is not home so I am taking over!

I am canine but sometimes I like to act like I'm human, aside from taking over the computer, I like to imitate them in the car.

I haven't learned to sit like the rest of the other dogs yet, instead developed a nifty way to sit with my back legs off to the side.  Because I chill.

And when it's time for dinner, the loyal minions serve me.

As for you humans, I just give my well practiced nose down eyes up pose and you are twisted around my little paw!

Now that you are under my spell, please send treats.

With Love,


  1. Awwww, look at that super cute adorable face!! She's/He's too cute for words!

  2. onyx, you are a doll! and how could anyone not give you treats with a face like that?!

  3. Oh Onyx, you are beautiful and if I had your address I would totally send you treats!

  4. Onyx! I had a black lab but he's gone to doggie heaven and you just made me really miss him again! :(